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Has anyone been on the blue streak this year?

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There's an event on June 11th. I'll be there then.

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It's nice to see they updated the web site. Looks like I'll have to get Ava out there soon for her first rides on BS.

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I rode it the the last operating day, on Oct 31st. It was in very good condition. Lenny replaced another 150ft of track, so I am thinking it would ride better.

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I spent a few hours there today. The park is still in a sad state of disrepair, but there has definitely been a vast improvement over last year. I'm not going to do a trip report, but I will post some photos in a little bit.

I did three laps on the Blue Streak. First was middle, just to get a general feel. Rode in the seat ahead of the guy doing the retracking. He talked me through what's been gong on with the old girl lately as far as work. Another 150 feet of track replaced, had to be done to pass inspection. Still hitting the bottoms pretty hard, especially on the second drop. From what I was told today, the people who used to do the work on the ride didn't necessarily understand how to make the valleys rounded. Anyways, still a long ways to go with the track work on the outbound section.

Second ride was front seat, full train. If the seats weren't padded so much, I might wonder how re-rideable this thing is. Again, on the outbound side, the train bounced around so much that I wonder if it's losing speed to that. The turn around is great except there isn't enough speed to keep the train glued to the rail and it shuffled through a bit.

Final ride was in 4-2. Was the best (but maybe slowest) ride of the three. Also was a solo ride! They had closed the ride for a midday maintenance inspection and since I stayed in the station, I was the only one there ready to ride so they sent me solo. They also turned the tunnel lights on for me. (Yes, the tunnel has been fixed so it's dark) Let me tell you, when there are no bodies on the train ahead of you to watch, you certainly focus on how much the train is bouncing around, especially going up the hills and over the crests. Bit frightening, to be honest. Still a great ride, and I did like the back seat more. The return run lags a bit but is fun and smooth.

Hope you have the chance to ride it yourselves.

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Was on it for the last day Oct 31. It was soooooo much fun, and looking better than it had in a long time. Cant wait to ride this yr.

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