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Monday, August 26, 2002 6:07 PM

A ride back in time: Conneaut Lake Park

Visited August 21, 2002

Step back to August 21, 1937. The motto "take a ride back in time" never had as much truth as now. A shiny red and yellow train (complete with blue lightning bolts on the sides) rumbles down the tracks. This thing is gorgeous in looks, historically accurate (the same 1937 train that first rolled down the tracks) and gives the Blue Streak a brand new ride. In the past, all my praising of this ride was more positive than the actual ride experience. To be honest, the old Blue Streak had gotton rougher to the point that I wondered how much longer people would be willing to ride. Fortunately, Conneaut Lake Park decided to make use of the resources they already had and changed my opinions about this rollercoaster. Apparently most others can tell the difference. I went on a weekday, and there were 30-40 min waits. Along with that, all other rides had at least 5 min waits. The Blue Streak is now very rideable in the back. Gone is the feeling of your spine being driven into the track. I like it. I enjoy the new ride very much.

Additionally, the park looked cleaner now compared to earlier this year and more areas were freshly painted. For the first time (compared to my two other visits this and last year) the fountain out front is turned on and looks wonderful.

Other rides:

Flying Scooters- twice, I managed to scare a few people waiting in line. Got a snap or two in as well :)

Devil's Den- once, still the good old pretzel ride we all know and love.

Rolloplane- once, still my fave flatride.

Ferris Wheel- once, great view of everything.

Toboggan- I hear the horror stories. The ride broke down while I was in line (chaindog on red car wouldn't catch). You can watch the ride in line and I noticed that the track on the bottom of the bunny hop after the spirals has and extra support off the trailer which has a base that is simply a block of wood. It shifts, very much when the train is on it.

Anyway, there are two coasters had actually gave me physical pain, the "old" Blue Streak, and this ride. The Toboggan is ine first (and so far only) ride I have sworn off unless there is no line at all.

Besides that, I really enjoyed my day. With the season pass being worn while you ride, I had two people ask if I worked there (looks like an employee badge) including an employee. Hmm, maybe I should get put on the payroll. I spend most of my time at the Lake anyway ;) .

Also, the friend I was with had not been to a traditional park since Geauga Lake almost ten years ago. I live less than 15 min away from Worlds of Adventure, he lives less than 10. I started the day at the Lake with his question being "why are you taking me to a place with just one rollercoaster?".

As we left, he gave me the one question that made it worth it; "why don't we have a place like this nearby?".
I love my job :)

I'll see you at the Lake.

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Tuesday, August 27, 2002 3:57 AM

Very well-written report kirby. The whole Geauga Lake analogy is so true. Back in the old days, GL was a fun little lakeside park with a little bit of classic park charm thrown in. Today, I get that same feeling at CLP. The atmosphere is just outstanding and the park seems to get better every time I vistit. The painted entrance area looked fantastic.

And as I mentioned in my TR, the Toboggan was a rather painful experience. Not exactly a ride I'll be lining up for either!

Again, excellent TR. 30-minute wait for the Blue Streak, eh? That is VERY good news indeed.

ray p.

Tuesday, August 27, 2002 5:30 AM
Arrrrrrgh! The more I hear about Blue Streak and its "new" old trains, the more I regret going there in mid June when it was running NAD trains. Why couldn't I have taken that vacation time in mid August?

Kind of hard to take a post as objective if a park or coaster name is part of the "user name"

Tuesday, August 27, 2002 7:10 AM
I don't wear my season pass, and I've only been asked for it on 5 different occasions, and I've been in the park 8 times this year. Thats where their first priority should be.. making sure you've paid before you ride. My brother could have easily gotten on Toboggan without tickets.

SLFAKE, I'm only 45 minutes from the park and even I wasn't sure if I was going to get a chance to get on the trains this year, due to them closing on Labor Day.

Kirby... Doesn't the entrance look great? There's always something new being painted every time I go. Hopefully it still looks as nice next year. Maybe the Sky Thriller will actually be open!

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Toboggan: Bone jarring, head banging, thigh squishin' TORTURE.

Tuesday, August 27, 2002 2:22 PM

I didn't reply to your trip report ProgRay, but to compare the lines to when you went, they actually overflowed the entire set of switchbacks on the 'Streak. This season had to be wonderful for the park. There were lines much longer than last year.

(still talking about ProgRay's TR)

We were all amazed at the prices (I said to bring $15 for a ride all day pass) and also the "beat the clock" special in the Steak on the Lake was amazing (I have never seen so much food for $5). I still am amazed at the drasitic changes to the Blue Streak with the restored train. I love it!

Still, for some reason Conneaut Lake gives me a feeling that literally makes me think to myself "I'm home". Pretty interesting, huh? :)

My fellow Americans; Let's Roll!
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