Conneaut Lake 7/19

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Well slept in didn't get any sleep thurs night at all then went to CP on fri. so didn't get out to CLP until after 5:00, but the park was as packed as I have ever seen it and I've been going there since the early 80's (with a break in the late 90's), looked like it was mostly company picnics. But hopefully they keep getting good crowds so they can keep the park open. It kinda sucked because the Blue Streak actually had a line,(when I first got in line I almost threw a fit, some maint. workers were looking at the train, thinking to myself oh no not another day like yesturday at CP a few of the rides went down right as I got in line) last time I was there you could pretty much get on every other train, but lines mean $$ so it was good to see. I can't stess enough that if you haven't ridden this coaster you must. Especially sitting in the back seat alone the lap belt is like 7+ inches to loose on me and the air time on the first part of the coaster is sweet, almost standing up. The rest of the rides are good (CLP gives long rides I'd say atleast 3 times longer than most parks) but I basically only rode the Blue Streak. The only drawback is the way they close the line at the Blue Streak at about 12 to 10:00 this guy says we have 13 minutes left, thats room for 48 more riders, so all of you may not be able to ride, they should monitor the line sooner, so when you get in you know that you might not get a ride instead of waiting for 10-15 min then finding out you might not ride. But atleast everyone started to pair up so that more people will get on, thats another good thing about the coaster up until about 15 min to close they don't make single riders pair up, which is twice as good as pairing up, someone asked why they couldn't run it past 10 until the lines ridden, but they said their insurance makes them cut out at 10. I always thought it was local zoning or noise laws. It would be great if the park was open a bit later that way one could get more rides on the Blue Streak in the Dark. I'll tell you what could help them make more $$ better souveniers, like some nicer Blue streak Shirts and better concession stand food, But overall I never have a bad day at Conneaut Lake Park! One ride on the Blue Streak is worth the hour or so drive alone!

Ride the Conneaut Lake Blue Streak!

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