Congress hears both sides of debate over marine life shows at theme parks

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About 200 animal parks, aquariums and zoos are licensed to display marine mammals to the public. To be eligible for a license, a facility must prove it offers an education or conservation program based on professionalized recognized standards within the industry. The National Marine Fisheries Service, which issues the permits, has never issued specific rules that define the standards, does not review the facility for compliance once the permit is issued and has never revoked a permit from such parks, the subcommittee staff wrote in a memo.

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The USAToday article quotes several people about the "educational" level of shows at marine life parks. I don't know about anyone else but when I watch a show I pay attention and learn a lot actually, I don't see it being a "circus" as someone was quoted. It was because of SeaWorld Ohio that I have such great respect and concern for wildlife and our environment.

The tragic death of a trainer by an orca of course will grab headlines and create debate. I think the bottom line is what would that trainer say today about this debate? I believe any trainer would want the show to go on along with continued improvements in safety and care of the animals.

Remember also that the requirement is that the licensee have an educational or conservation program in place. The big show may or may not be part of that educational or conservation program.

And no matter what you think of their whale shows, Sea World's conservation program is pretty much beyond reproach.

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Regardless of what goes on in these shows or the risk of humans to animals, the fact is, we are getting PETA educational views on this which is BS because they suck.

Just watch Deadliest Catch and you will find out how many people lose their lives catching crab for other peoples enjoyment. But when one of them lose their lives, PETA is nowhere to be found when one of them passes away.

Sick of the extremist assholes picking and choosing animals. They don't care about humans, it's all about which animals get the media attention.

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Chitown said:
But when one of them lose their lives, PETA is nowhere to be found when one of them passes away.

Of course...because they deserved it for trying to harm those poor, defenseless little crabs.

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