Confirmed: Silver Dollar City gets a B&M

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Silver Dollar City amusement park announced yesterday that they will be getting a new coaster for the 2001 season. The coaster will be called "Wildfire" and it will be the third B&M sitdown coaster in the U.S. along with Kumba at busch Gardens Tampa and the Incredible Hulk at Islands of Adventure in Orlando. Construction for the coaster is already underway.

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I think I was passed over...

Oh well. Good news nonetheless.
This news is really cool! Finally Silver Dollar City will be put on the map!!! I just LOVE this time of year, where parks start to reveal what's up their sleeves for 2001. So far, there's BGT's Rhino Rally and SDC's Wildfire, plus Dorney should be announcing their new inverted coaster's name, and Im so excited!!!!!
they should have stand up or floorless trains.
NO way dude! We have enough! Standard sit-downs rule!! Plus they're really rare!
I wouldnt mind seeing more stand-ups, cuz its been a while, but this one's meant to be standard!
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Awwwww! Another stupid Boring & Meaningless?

Two words: Arrow Dynamics
Two more words: Morgan manufacturing

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Yeah ya gotta love those early really thrilling Arrow rides. I would go outta my way for miles to ride a vintage corkscrew. Then there's thier later models. Incomparable to anything on the planet. What B&M's have you been on because I'm guessing you either have'nt been on any or just not one of thier better models. Why do you prefer Arrow and Morgan. I think all manufactures have made good rides and not so good rides. But that's just my opinion.

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B&M is the rollercoaster gods! There rides are so smooth it's like you are flying. When I want to get beat up I ride a wood, but when I ride a steel I want a graceful ride with G's! There is nothing worse than an unpleasant ride on a steel. Migrane headaches from being shaken to death. Yes Ninja @ SFSTL would be a prime example!

Finally another B&M in the Showme state...question is, is this the only one to be added in 2001? Only the shadow knows

*Feel the Thunder-WOF 01*
Why don't they make a floorless-coaster?
If you want to see smooth you need an intamin like Mf now thats smooth

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