Coney Island properties being bought up by mall developer

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Thor Equities, a mall developer and management company, has been buying up property all over Coney Island for a new development that will include a shopping center and a water park.

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This has New York City government's greed and desperation written all over it. A water park would be a fit. But a friggin' mall? That's like building a basketball court on frozen tundra. Plus the long time resident's and businesses its goin to displace. IMO they shouldn't over commercialize Coney Island.
I'd say that Coney Island is already pretty commercial, but I understand what you mean. I would think that most people don't want its personality to change.
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While retail doesn't fit the classic charm of the place, I do think it's good for economic development. I've not been there, but most trip reports seem to mention what a dive the place is one block away from any of the attractions. Making the area a draw for more people, people that want to spend money, is a good idea.
A mall??? gimme a break. I understand the want to create year round business, but this is pretty much the holy grail of amusement parks and their history. It's bad enough that New York hasn't done very much to preserve a large piece of it's history. Not to be bias, but I would presume Coney to be just as big a part of history of New York as anything else. They've let structures rot, Luna Park is now a furniture store, and Steeplechase is plain nothing. Putting a mall there would be desecration to me. Would somebody with some money and appreciation please get ahold of that land and pay tribute? I saw some old plans online once for a new Luna Park, what happened to those? Call me crazy or whatever, but I think that whatever they build there should be historical and a tribute to the parks of the past

Actually the Bowery district and pretty much everywhere else there has never been the greatest of neighborhoods. To hear tell, crime was a big reason Coney went downhill so much in the 70's and 80's. I don't want to see Coney's personality change, and putting a mall there would forever tarnish the charm it's always had. It's pretty obvious that something is happening, given that businesses are being pushed out. The one guy got a one year renewal on a ten year lease and his rent raised 50%. Sounds like somebody wants to tear some buildings down.*** This post was edited by D the Great 4/21/2005 11:52:09 PM ***

Just to preface my remarks, I have been to Coney Island and the place does need work.

Just because the Bowery district and everywhere else have never been the "greatest" of neighborhoods, doesn't mean they need to stay that way.

Yeah I consider crime infested areas "charming".

If it looks like a dump, walks like a dump and talks like a dump, guess what? It is a dump. If someone actually wants to invest some money into an area that otherwise would be considered blighted, I say let em develope it!

Time, and progress march on constantly.

Development would be good for this area. It needs it. However, a waterfront property is no place for a mall. Maybe just off the waterfront but not on it.

I just hope they don't follow all of the mistakes being made on Phillys waterfront along the Delaware. They have turned what could have been a Baltimore Harbor into dance clubs with riots, fights and shootings every weekend when it was supposed to be a massive entertainment complex with movies, rides, skating, shopping, dining, etc.

I'll wait and see the plans before getting to upset. The developer does sound as though he is somewhat interested in preserving Coney's past.

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