Coney Island people chat with Tivoli people

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I decided this isn't really news, because visiting someone for advice is, well, just not news...


I'm appalled by the headline. "Tasty apple danish?" Who writes this crap? *** Edited 7/31/2007 12:59:45 PM UTC by Jeff***

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Actually the article is not them visting for advice. They visited because tivoli wants to open their own amusement park in Coney Island. They also visited for help but the main point is that tivoli wants to open a branch in coney island

I think that could be huge and better for the area if they can get that going. *** Edited 7/31/2007 1:33:21 PM UTC by majortom1981***

That's pretty interesting. I'd rather see Tivoli get involved with Coney Island's amusements rather than Thor, which doesn't seem to know what it's doing... that is, if it finally decides what it wants. Maybe this is a sign that the city is seriously commited to keeping amusements at Coney? I sure hope so.
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Why? It's not like Coney has any historical value....


Yeah, I forgot about that...
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Jeff said:I'm appalled by the headline. "Tasty apple danish?" Who writes this crap?

NY Post, Jeff. Since Weekly World News is now officially going out of print, SOMEONE has to take over that particular (peculiar) market... ;)

It's the New York Post, what do you expect? It's one of those sensationalist newspapers.
A while back, I read something in a book about Coney Island that said a Tivoli park was proposed for the old Steeplechase property during the early 1970s.

I have no idea if this was Tivoli itself with the proposal or somebody suggesting a Tivoli-like park.

Kinda interesting.

I agree that Tivoli is a much better choice for revitalizing Coney Island than Thor with it's mounds of bland hotels and condos.

As for the quality of the headline and the New York Post in general, it is owned by Rupert Murdoch! ;) *** Edited 8/1/2007 2:10:38 PM UTC by millrace***

What's with the "Tivoli" name, anyway? Is there an actual amusement-related meaning to it? As far as I know, there are Tivoli-style coasters as well as coasters actually names Tivoli... Tivoli-style parks and a park actually named Tivoli.

At this point, I'd rather let Thor develop part of Coney with their upscale crap (as long as its away from the water) and allow the amusement area to be improved by a few companies like Tivoli that actually know how to run a successful amusement park.

Wasn't 'Project THOR' the premise for the movie 'Blue Thunder'? (Tachtical Helicopter Operational Response).

Nothing good can come of THOR. As for Tivoli, they cA

Thor now controls a giant chunk of the land in that area. They will have to be a major player in anything that happens unless someone is going to buy the land from Thor with Thor making a ton of cash for their short period of ownership.

Stay tuned here, there are so many more scenarios to be played out before anything happens.

Ironically, the current situation just continues the history of the area. Especially the Fred Trump situation of the 1960s.
That'll probably be the way it plays out, and who knows?- maybe buying the land cheap and selling it to someone who is going to develop it with stuff that doesn't compete with Thor- was the plan all along? Or maybe now that Thor is going to be held to their amusement park proposal, they realized that they're not cut out for the job and are going to have someone else come in?
I don't believe for a second that Thor has given up on condos. Right now the sway has gone against them, but they are biding their time waiting for a chance to pounce on an opening. It seemed they were willing to let the area be empty to get their way and that type of business approach doesn't change because a couple of elected officials wouldn't give in. Like I said before - stay tuned.
I won't argue with that. Coney Island needs some kind of redevelopment because as a seaside area that's part of the country's largest city, it is shamefully under-developed- definitely a wasted opportunity. But development has to respect the history and the current Coney Island while looking towards the future. If Thor sticks around and continues to be the driving force behind all of this, they'll be a dangerous parasite and not a savior.
The NY Post has a story this morning that the folks from Tivoli Gardens visited the area this week. The city is making nice with them as they continue to put pressure on the Thor Equities folks. Supposedly there is a deal on the table for the city to swap land with Thor that would put Thor out of the Coney Island redevelopment deal. Getting Thor out is very popular with the locals. There have also been vieled threats to take Thor lands via eminent domain.

At the same time the city is demanding that Thor submit new plans for the area that will meet the zoning and include 0% residential. I am starting to think that Thor is done and will find a profitable exit strategy. This could be a big win for the locals.

It's nice to see the city acknowledging that residential units have no place in that part of Coney Island. Finally... government that doesn't support the idea of putting condos on every available square foot of land. I'm not sure how much of this has to do with Mayor Bloomberg but I like the way the city is being run since he took office. He's a hell of a lot better than his tough-talking, cross-dressing weirdo predecessor.
Tivoli is VERY picky with their franchise. They were once in negotiations to run a closed amusement park in Berlin, but they opted out in the last minute.

It seens that they are not willing to make any compromise. It´s either done their way or not at all. Obvisously they are in a position that allows them to be so strict.

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