Coney Island of the West

Just wondering if anyone has been to Coney Island down in Cincy in the last few years? A place my dad talked about as a favorite place when he was a child, I finally visited for the first time today to be totally surprised. While I'm a fan of the thrill machines at larger parks, I just find the atmosphere of picnic parks to be relaxing and most enjoyable. Just wondering if you guys have any stories or opinions about the park.
As far as i know what is there now are remnants of a park, but on it looks like there is still a park there. It is considerably smaller than what it used to be. It has operated based on that info since, 1886, so it probably is the same one.

The park is built on the ohio river. Since it flooded alot they decided to move the park or majority of the rides about 24 miles north to what is now kings island. This happened in the seventies. The naming came of course from kings mills where kings island is now the name was split with the kings coming from the city, and island is from coney island. And if im not mistaken it was owned by the taft broadcasting company. Hope a bit of my background works, but it appears a small park is all that is left.

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