Coney Island Hot and Sunny June 11th

After a great 1 hour trek through Staten Island (there never was any roadwork, nor was Kramer picking up litter on the side either) we arrived to a very sunny and hot boardwalk.

First stop was my favorite ride, the Wonder Wheel. I love the ramp down to the loading platform. The ride smells of park grease, and just is such an iconic ride to visit and experience. Then a spin on the newly refurbished Spook A Rama was not to dissappoint. All the stunts were timed and in working order. Wonder Wheel Park 10/10.

We had a great lunch at Nathan's on Surf, hot dogs, fries, lemonade, all the iconic items. I had 2 of my employees up here for the first time, and Nathan's did not let them down. They also learned that if you give the beggars $1 right away you can enjoy your lunch in peach.

Then to Luna Park, and took in the sights on the Brooklyn Flyer. Great mid sized ride. The others rode the Air Race and Electro Spin, and we regrouped on the Tickler 7/10. It was in 'super spin' mode, and very smooth, even backwards on the drops. Wild River looked nice, but we did not get wet. 7/10.

We missed the new splash battle ride, but did ride the Circus Coaster in the back seat. A little tight, but you get 2 laps. 6/10. (needs added to the database). Then across the street to the Cyclone. I am not that overweight, but it took 2 guys to jam me in, and was able to hear additional grunting behind me as it was repeated down the line. Not sure about all the padding. Seems that more was added since my last ride in 1997.

In a light rain, the ride was flying on the newly 1/3 GCI tracked sections, then continued to fly on the remaining course. The bottoms of the remaining drops are rough to say the least. Almost painful. However, it was an enjoyable ride 8.5/10. The whole Cyclone, like the Wonder Wheel, is an experience, its all Americana 101.

Then down the boardwalk to the new Luna sections (forgot to visit the new carousel) and onto the Steeplechase. I rode the one at Knott's, and while that course was great over Big Foot Rapids, I like this launch into the air much better. This is a good ride. 8/10. Then finished up at Soarin Eagle. Every seat here is a good seat, its just a tad rough on the inversions, and you have the feeling that the whole car will soar into parking lot somewhere. 6.5/10. This ride did not have any line. Luna Park 8.5/10. Luna needs to grow into the park, with shade, etc. They are on the right path.

All in all, there is also a great surf shop with Coney Island, and all the boasdwalk locations are rennovated and look great. I will also state that all the ride ops, games and food employees, everyone all said hello, thank you, greeted, etc. The place has made incredible strides for a better experience.

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