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I am heading out to New York City next month for a time share presentation (blech) and am staying at the New York Hilton (Ave of America's, just south of Central Park). One of the things I want to do while I am out there is visit Coney Island. I have some questions about transportation and the park.

1) I am trying to figure out if it is better to take the subway or a cab. About how much would a cab to Coney Island be and would I be able to easily hail a cab for the return trip? How scary is the subway trip to Coney Island. I'm not worried about it, but my wife is.

2) Are all of the attractions in the area (i.e. Dino's, Astroland, the side shows, and the Aquarium all within walking distance of one another?

3) What are the best sideshows to see out there? Also, is the Coney Island Museum worth the time?

4) Can I see most everything with a half day? Is there a certain time I want to be on my way back to the hotel for safety reasons?

5) Not having a car, is it possible to get to Rye Playland?

Thanks for any help you can give me!

Certain victory.

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Check your email, George.

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