Coney Island amusement parks still have no opening rules from city or state

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As the city and state announce plans for reopening restaurants during the COVID-19 pandemic, Coney Island amusement parks remained left in the dark as to when or even if they’ll be able to reopen this summer.

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New York sport venues are opening back up. California recently opened up outdoor dining and relaxed stay at home orders. States in general are relaxing certain restrictions.

Germany on the other hand just extended its lockdown until the first week of March. Germany has been slower than the US to roll out vaccines. But even in the US some experts are talking about being in the eye of the hurricane.

Just interesting to see different views/approaches.

With respect to Coney Island, maybe its just a case of different people having different views of where we are right now.

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I don't understand the governors relaxing indoor dining, for example, right now. We just started to trend in the right direction, but we're still 8x where we were in late September. It's like we're getting bored with it again, which didn't have a great outcome last time.

But again, the data from the Orlando parks is pretty convincing that community spread instances are pretty low in that environment when you're strictly observing mitigation protocols, and objectively much better than restaurants at any capacity.

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Jeff said:

I don't understand the governors relaxing indoor dining, for example, right now.

I remember reading someone summarize it like this: "'You can eat indoors now' is another way of saying 'For the moment, the hospitals aren't too full.'"

Govenors are politicians. That is all you need to know.

Here in Ireland we're in a hard lockdown (no travel beyond 5km from home without an essential reason) until March, and the political signals suggest that this is going to be extended until at least Easter.

They've also brought in a €500 fine for people found heading to an airport for non-essential travel, and they're talking about pushing that to €2000.

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GoBucks89 said:

Govenors are politicians. That is all you need to know.

Saying things like that is like nails on a chalkboard. Worse, it's the kind of thing usually said by politicians themselves. "Trust me because I don't trust the government, even when I am the government." What you're saying is what gives politicians a pass. We should stop doing that and demand more of them.

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Not surprisingly, I disagree with you. I am the last one to give politicians a pass. On anything. But to not understand that politicians act politically is a big reason our politics is such a big fail. And failure to understand politics was a big driver behind electing Trump and expecting good results.

Are you saying that we aren't great again?

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I find that argument ridiculous. Politicians don't have to fit the stereotype. We let it happen. I've known some very decent elected people who are not that.

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