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I made my first ever visit to Coney Island in New York on Saturday. I made this trip knowing that Coney may not be around as it exists today much longer so I had to go. Earlier in the week, I asked my parents who had never been if they wanted to go and they said yes so we got together in the morning and headed out. After and easy drive up to Brooklyn we arrive and park in the New York Aquarium Lot. It cost 22 dollars but also includes one adult admission if you choose to enter the aquarium. It was not in the plans for the day but could have easily been done if we wanted to.

We walked down the boardwalk taking in the beach atmosphere and looking at the rides available as I headed to stop one. It was a little after Noon so we wanted food and being where we were we had our minds set on one thing. Nathan’s Famous Hot Dogs. We walked over to the main Nathan’s in Coney Island and got a dogs and an drinks. The food was ok. I’ve had Nathan’s at franchises so I knew what to expect and it was as expected.

We wanted to let the food settle so we walked over to Deno’s and bought tickets to ride the Wonder Wheel. I recommended a swinging car and my parents agreed. This is a fun way to ride a Ferris wheel as the cars move as they make the circuit around the wheel. I won’t try to explain the movement just you have to experience it for yourself if you can. It was a great way to start the day. I must say that the cost of $5 an adult ride for the rides at Deno’s may be a shock to some but I wasn’t upset about it. I then grabbed a 5 ride pass for $20 so the next few rides wouldn’t be $5 but $4.

My dad and I rode the Thunderbolt. Mom wasn’t too sure she would like to spin so close to eating. This ride was the first flat where I learned one of the things Coney Island is known for. Their flats run longer programs and also seem to run faster than versions of the rides at other parks. This Thunderbolt spun fast and really had a kick to it. The backwards part of the cycle was laugh inducing. WOW!

After this we decided to head over to Astroland and see what was there. I knew I would be solo riding some things this day and had informed my parents to this. The first ride I would be riding solo was the Breakdance. I like these rides when I find them and I had heard very good things about this one. Ok I won’t ruin it for anyone but let’s just say insane mode doesn’t do this ride justice. It is a great run version of a great flat. I never thought it would stop going.

After this we wandered around to see all that Astroland offers and decided on taking in the main course, The Cyclone. I wanted a back seat ride and recommended my parents get a ride in the middle car second or third row. I got my ride one cycle before them. How did this happen? Back row was a shorter wait then middle? Well I now have respect for and bruises from this classic woodie. It ROCKS! Air and laterals all over the ride. I don’t think it makes my top ten wooden coaster list but it is close. My parents also loved their ride and are glad to be able to say that they rode the Coney Island Cyclone.

At this point we went back to the car and got our cameras and decided it was going to be one more walk through we me riding and them riding only if they wanted to. We took another spin on the Wonder Wheel, this time in a stationary car so as to make photography stable.

Then I went over and rode the Top Spin at Astroland again finding a great program with many spins with the bench locked then some insane flipping when the bench unlocked. I have no clue as to how many flips we did but I have never been on a Top Spin that flips like that.

After a short rest I headed back to the Breakdance. This cycle was either faster or I may still have been a little affected by the Top Spin but it felt even more insane than my first ride. I love how the operators run this ride. When I got off I told my parents that I was either done riding for a while or for the rest of the day as I was definitely feeling that ride in my stomach.

Well it turned out to be my last ride as after a walk along part of the boardwalk we decided that we could head back to South Jersey and get a good dinner on the way home. We stopped at a rest area halfway between NYC and home and I decided to get some Rolaids since my stomach was still queasy and I didn’t want to not eat dinner.

It was a great day even with very few rides through the day. I am glad I made the trip to Coney this year. I hope that whoever does get approval from the city council can make this a place that I would go back to yearly but for right now I think I will only go if someone asks to go as I am sad to see the shuttered games and other stuff near the amusement areas.

Watch the tram car please....
I made my first trip up there a few weeks ago and had a decent time.

Where in SJ are you? I'm in Delanco.


I'm from Camden County a small town named Runnemede.

Watch the tram car please....
Was the Power Surge working? If if it was, you didn't go on it?
I didn't see the Power Surge. I would have rode it if I did as I love the one at Knoebels.

I didn't go in the dark rides becuase I just didn't think I'd want to be in those buildings in the heat of the day.

Watch the tram car please....
They probably just sold it.

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