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Sunday, August 5, 2001 6:47 PM
I hold Coney Island dear in my heart-many a days and nights were spent there hanging out in Brooklyn with some of my high school buds. The 3 things I have always remembered about Coney Island-Cyclone, Jumbo Jet and Nathans. I was not to be disappointed! We all got there early which was ok-I could show b/f beach (a REAL beach-with real sand and real ocean) share with him some of the stories from high school (not all of them mind you-some though ;)) and let him see some of the "characters" NY is so well known for (I'm a native New Yorker so I can say that! ;))
Coney Island has this "pay one price" deal-for 15.00 you ride all day, and sign reads "includes Cyclone roller coaster" cool....the only thing I really wanted to ride. B/F dishes out $$ for the p.o.p. thing for him, kids and I, we get wrist band and pink slips of paper?? The pink slip of paper stated even with the p.o.p. band you can only get 3 laps on Cyclone. What a bunch of crap. we go. Kids sat in back for 1st ride, b/f and I in front of them. Well-all it took was that ride to keep the kids and b/f from riding again. Kids actually got bruised bad! B/f hurt neck--me? Ready to ride some more! So asked the guy who was punching the holes in the cards if I could use the other 3 pink slips since b/f and kids quit-he said yea so Raptor Jo (me) got 8 more laps. The back car was killer, did it once and never again. The funniest thing to me was b/f said they would watch Cyclone from the midway and kids would comment to him or my Mom "there's Mom" cause I was the ONLY one who rode it with my hands up the whole ride. The most unique thing to me, the old fashioned hand brake, and when the train would get back to the station you could reride for $4.00. You know they must rack up some serious $$! No crowds so got through my laps with no real wait except to get off and get back on. I do have black and blue knees and arms and am assuming it was from Cyclone. Met up with b/f, Mom and kids. They were po'd because not ALL the rides were included in the p.o.p thing-some of the good rides (such as the Jumbo Jet coaster that I had to ride!!) cost more $$. I let the kids ride what they could, then we went to Nathans for lunch. I finally got my hot dog and knish (what happened to the square knishes-yuck I hate the round ones!) saw a few of the players for the Brooklyn Cyclones AA team. After lunch b/f ended up dishing out $3.50/piece for us to ride Jumbo Jet, I have always loved this coaster and my kids and b/f loved it too-doesnt look like it's that much fun but it sure was. I remember as a kid being the only one on the whole ride and loved it! B/f dished out more $$ so we could ride the "Wonder Wheel" which is a huge ferris wheel except the inside cars swing out and back-we of course opted for the swinging cars-we loved it-thought I was going to see my Mom puke! Despite the p.o.p. rip off, and the Cyclone wussies (their loss was my gain) we all had a good time. My goal was to ride Cyclone and Jumbo Jet and I did it...the rest was just icing on the cake! Also got a Cyclone shirt and shot glass to add to my collection. I love NY and sometimes miss it (rarely but sometimes I do)
So there you have stop on my east coast rollercoaster extravaganza.
My idea of a perfect vacation! :)

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2001 Raptor Crew
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Monday, August 6, 2001 5:36 AM
LuvRaptor said

"Kids actually got bruised bad! B/f hurt neck--me? Ready to ride some more!"

LOL!!! Now I would have loved to see that and knock out a few laps too.

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