Coney Island - July 5 2014 - Beach, Boardwalk and Rides

I remembered that I posted a report about Coney Island on Labor Day Weekend 2013. This is sort of another look on July 4 weekend, 9 months later.

Weather - Holy Smokes! Picture Perfect! But local tidal warnings due to the recent passing of a hurricane that had past off shore on the way to Canada, but leaving behind appropriate riptide condition type warnings in the area.

I mentioned in September that Coney Island was "working." During the day it was safe, mixed by ages, races, religions ,etc. The crowds though big, were managable and everyone was having a great time.

Well, here on July 4th was more of the same...a LOT more. I would say it was 3x as crowded as Labor Day last year. And the crowds though mostly well-behaved were hard to navigate.

Since there were lifeguards located everywhere, preflux and I went about 8 blocks away from the amusment area to stick our feet in the surf with a relatively decent amount of space around us. Aside from the guards in the chairs, there were a few patrolling the shoreline which was a nice touch.

Coney Island is not known for it's waves and the "current" though somewhat noticable was 7x less than what you would expect from Jones Beach on a regular day. The riptides had no effects on the surf and we spent about an hour and a half just enjoying hte waves, throwing shells and just having a nice day. Oh, but this is still Coney Island. shrads every so often. I hate glass on the beach. A lot.

The boardwalk was hopping like crazy. I don't want to sound like the old fogey I am becoming, but the music was insanely loud. There were also a lot of folks showing "a lot of skin." Many of whom just shouldn't. My fat behind was well - covered and a t shirt protected whatever dignity I would have lost.

One thing that I did not notice before was that there is a waterpark like fountain that is on the western end of the amusement rides area. It spurts up small 'boops" of water and then all of a sudden all went up at once. Kids, pets and everyone was enjoying it. Even though it was freezing. Right behind that was a Brooklyn Cyclones Minor League Baseball game in progress.

Now I understood that preflux is getting less and less into rides, but we decided to go on the B&B carousel. THe ride itself was nice but I though that 3 bucks per rider was a little steep for a single ride. This was one of the many attractions that was not included with the optional pay one price 4 hour deal that Luna offers. But wait...Coney Island rides have a reputation for LONG flats. This ride would probably last about 15 minutes. Not this time. We chose horses and waited a long time for the ride to be "stacked." Unfortunately we went around a few times and once the ride got to its (rather low) full speed, it slowed down. MOst of the adults on the ride were looking at each other saying "That's it?" Wow.

I could understand upcharges on high intensity thrill rides like the catapult launch ball, the flip at the end of the long propeller ride and even the new roller coaster (Thunderbolt) that was about 10 bucks in points. But to do that on a short carousel is worthy of mention. Right or wrong.

We were only going to do one more and I thought that the Steeplechase looked like a good idea. Not to high, fun looking, unusual, so I bought 14 points (14 bucks) to do it, but when we got to the platform, there was a change of heart due to fear and a necessary walk down the exit. Goodbye points. Goodbye 14 bucks.

Steeplechase pier has been well repaired and fixed up since Hurricane Sandy. There weren't too many people fishing but is was a great place to take photos and to just relax. Even if you don't fish, check it out if you are in the area.

Nathan's on the Boardwalk was a mob scene and there were people just merging into lines that were jsut being slowed. Good food, but 30 minute waits. At one point even the employees seemed to be on-line. There was no line for ketchup.

There is something that I needed to mention about the Coney Island train station. There is a bathroom here. But there is no soap. When we first got there some guy came into the stall cursing a mile a minute. "F this "S." Mother "F" piece of "S." It was so loud it was comical.

ON the way home the line was even longer. All of a sudden a stall opened up in there and a lady came out of it with 2 young girls. She was covering their eyes yelling, "The other line was too long! They needed to go! Don't look!"

You can't make this stuff up.

Thanks for reading this.

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I wonder if there's a snowball's chance in Hell I saw you guys. I went to the Cyclones game that day. My friend and I got on the ever-growing line to enter the stadium following a Nathans fill-up and a ride on Thunderbolt for me. We got on line about 3pm for the 6pm game, and alternated leaving the line for shade/drinks. The reason for the line was Seinfeld Night, and everyone was not gonna get the Keith Hernandez Magic Loogie Bobblehead being given to only the first 2500 to enter the park. At one point I was by those water bloops you mentioned. I didn't ride the carousel, but $3 seems reasonable...that's what Seaside was charging for theirs before the joint effects of Sandy and the fire took it away. I've only been to Coney about 4 times, but this was the first visit on which I did NOT take the subway. My friend Ellen drove.

The amusement park rises bold and are huddled on the beach in a mist

Mike G - - - > I heard about "Seinfeld Day" but I didn't want to comment on it because I wasn't in the stadium. I heard it was very funny..."fetivus pole" ya gotta love it.

While I balked at the carousel as not being on the wristband plan for a minute, I was angry when it was about a 2 minute cycle. Very "un coney island like." I always thought that riding at Coney Island was expensive, but the cycles were long. Not here.

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I saw where the team wore puffy shirts. If not to play, at least to warm up in.

What's weird is that we were in the stadium for pre-game warm-ups and batting practice, they were not wearing the puffy shirts at that time. Saw pictures later, but they must have been taken before we got to our (very good) seats. Yeah, there was some funny stuff going on, and the real Kenny Kramer and the actor who played the Soup Nazi took part in the festivities.

The amusement park rises bold and are huddled on the beach in a mist

How D-list. :-)

Well, to be fair, the "real" Soup Nazi had a kiosk outside the stadium selling lobster rolls and corn and crab chowder under his "legitimate" banner of Original Soupman. But Al Yeganeh himself was not serving. But hey, it's Single-A ball. Whattya want for nothing? Rrrrrrrubber Biscuit?" Bow-bow-bow...

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The amusement park rises bold and are huddled on the beach in a mist

I just happened to think, we had an Original Soupman store front here at Broad and High in Columbus for a hot minute. There were long lines at first, and it was good I guess, but I imagine the fine folks of central Ohio had trouble with 6 bucks for a small soup. They finally said "No money for you!"

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