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Quick Question...

I was walking through Astroland today with a buddy of mine. I didn't ride anything, as we were pressed for time and were just hanging out on the boardwalk [So no long obnoxious trip report!]

On the Break Dance Ride there was a decent sized sign paying tribute to "Ant" with a nice caption that basically said.. "Loved by many, hated by few...etc."

Does anyone know anything about who he was (or is) and why the sign was there?

By the way...there was also a sign thanking Thor Properites.

As for the atmosphere...the kiddie ride side was quite busy with a few camp groups on the premises. The "adult" ride side was not busy at all as the Pirate ship was going with three riders on it and the top spin (insane cycles) had 4.

Pay One Price included 2 Cyclone rides, 2 Go-cart rides and ran on or close to $25.00. Down Surf Avenue, the El- Dorado Bumper cars were $6.00 a clip.

Have a great night!

Here's To Shorter Lines & Longer Trip Reports!

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Since Astroland's Breakdance was/is manually operated -- in the most wicked ways possible, and that's a compliment! -- my guess is that he was a ride-op at one time.
He must have been awesome at what he did.

I have NEVER seen a public tribute to a ride op before, and to be prominently displayed in the front railing of the ride must mean a lot to his family and friends.

I have been on that ride a few times (several years ago) and it was running on a very long and intense cycle. Perhaps "Ant" was at the helm.

Here's To Shorter Lines & Longer Trip Reports!

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