Concrete/Hillside Waterslides

Tuesday, July 27, 2021 8:08 PM

Wow this is an old post but figured I’d give my two cents. I was going down memory lane and was looking for info on these old concrete style waterslides. I couldnt seem to find much info or people talking about them which brought me to this site. I’m glad a few of you remember those slides in Pigeon Forge. I’m not sure of the exact year but it was sometime in the mid to late 70s into early 80s. We would go to Pigeon Forge maybe every other year for vacation for awhile there. There were three hillside slides in Pigeon Forge. One was called SkiDoo, it was next to some little souvenir shops, another slide just a little bit further down, I don’t recall the name but was near a pancake house, they were both on your way if you were leaving PF to go to Gatlinburg. The one near the pancake house You had a long steep walk up the hill and this one was my favorite slides out of all of them. Luckily I never got hurt as I knew exactly what to do. The other was Water Boggan coming into PF from Gatlinburg. That one was my least favorite as it wasn’t wild like the others. Now there is no sign of these places just a weed covered hill now. I was sad to see these go they were the best and had great memories. There is also Action Park now known as Mountain Creek in NJ. I have been there multiple times and they have 5 or so of those concrete slides built into the hillside. That place is awesome surrounded in wooded area and the mountains. They are in my opinion the best slides I have ever been on. There are two You go down on a tube with water rushing every where, it’s fast and crazy with all the twist, turns, and bumps. There is river canyon too also concrete and the most wild and long ride you will ever go on as far as waterslides go or at least the places I have been. The ride seems to go on forever while your screaming your head off. Now they make you wear helmets on it. There is also another concrete slide or two that you go down with a mat. . There are those fiberglass slides in the newer section of the park but I prefer the old fashioned concrete slides in the original section. Most water parks are underwhelming that I have been to in comparison to Action Park/Mountain Creek. That place is still operational. There is also Lake Tomahawk in Sussex NJ that also had a bunch of concrete slides. Some of them crazy. I got a water enema from one of them and it scared the hell out of me lol. That park was in a very nice wooded area. It has been a long time since I went to that one but I believe that’s still in operation too. There is Water Boggan in Emerald Isle, NC which has two concrete slides. We were there a few years ago and that one is still in existence too, not a wild crazy ride like the others listed above but still fun for kids and a bLast from the past. I took my daughter and just had to buy myself a ticket also.

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