Computer Games are Good for your health...

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If anyone missed it, there was a line in Saturday Night Live's Weekend Update:

I don't remember the exact wording but, "It was reported today that the video game Dance Dance Revolution is helping kids exercise more. But, not as much as it's closest competitor, "Hamburger on a String"

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Ha! Actually the article is very true. I worked with the Public Employees Insurance Agency around the time that this project was in the works. They brought a lot of kids in the office to "test" out the game. A lot of their parents got into it as well, thanks to me. ;)

At the time there were very few people that knew about the game in WV. Someone heard me talking about the game to a co-worker, and before I knew it I was involved in the project, kinda "pushing" the decision makers to take the game seriously. They called me in a few times to ask me about the different games, pads, where the best places are to buy this stuff, which songs are the best, etc.

Lucky for me they were all in awe over the game and were willing to take the chance, along with Blue Cross and other financial backers.

When I left the job the buzz about the project was high and I heard that schools were taking a serious interest. I am glad to see it how it has progressed. Hopefully this will become a national thing.

After all, why exercise if you can't have fun with it? ;)


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Interesting...I saw this on SNL as well.

I cannot speak to "DD Revolution", but I have a colleague here at OSU that is researching children and video games, the findings are getting under the skin of parents everywhere. Turns out video games also assist cognitive development quite a bit, as well as several "higher-level" functioning tasks.


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