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Anybody get significant discounts over what is offered to the G.P.? My company picnic at Waldameer is $8.00 for wristband and park catered food. It is a one day deal and that's o.k. considering the price.

My wife used to work for a bank and they had their picnic at Kennywood. Another one day deal. The last time we went it was $16.00 with food on a Sunday. I believe regular price at that time was $24.95 for weekends. We only went twice because it allways seem to conflict with our wedding anniversary.

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I'm sure there is a discount from the park but I would imagine the participating company pays a portion to the park also so that your cost is much lower.
Those last 2 prices are below whats posted for catering. Some companies subsidize the event to ensure employee participation.

$8 for Waldameer and food. Thats great. Same with the Kennywood price. The best deal in the business is at Lakemont Park. If your group is more than 5000 with a catering package, they will give free ride all day privlidges. Thats a bargain. They actually do about 3 of those picnics.

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Pretty sure Kennywood's picnic prices are the same as found on

Just some insight into how the process works:

At any major park the corporate ticket rate for catered events is usually around half price, and even lower for groups that are over 5000.

If your company is offering a ticket and catering package ticket, they are getting the best deal possible next to like a season passholder appreciation party.

To get the huge discount the company or organization has to guarantee a certain number of meals and admissions. The tickets are issued on a consignment basis, with a food head count so the park knows how much to cook, and settled up after the event.

So depending on the budget the company has for the event they'll offer some sort of subsidy. Even if they can cover the whole event most will add on like a $5 fee just so that people do take tickets and and blow it off the event and waste the company's money. *** Edited 6/28/2008 8:12:47 AM UTC by Cropsey***

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$15 got us a 2-hour buffet, 4 hours of unlimited softdrinks, and admission to Kennywood last Sunday, for our Youngstown/Mahoning Valley area multi-hospital/hospice/nursing home group picnic!

Unfortunately, I had to postpone our trip, but I'm able to use the tickets for weekday admission thru Labor Day (or for $10 extra any weekend thru Labor Day weekend)...minus the food and drink...still a great deal for $15 a ticket!

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The union I am in has a picnic at Kennywood every year. Since I've been a member in 1996 the prices have been the same.

We pay $9 for the all day pass. That includes the entry and all day riding (of course), a three hour buffet and either 4 or 5 hours of unlimited soft drinks. It's almost worth it sometimes for the buffet and drinks alone. Then you have the thrills on top of that. You just can't beat it. My children just love going every year and so do my wife and myself. If they ever stop doing the picnic i just might get upset!

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Every year my dad's company buys enough tickets for all the employees and their families at a discounted rate from HW. They then give them to the employees for free. It is my understanding that many area companies do this at HW.

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