Comet at Lincoln Park (and hopefully, Little Amerricka)

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This is opening day, 1947 - check out 3 in a seat all over the place!
Little Amerricka hopes to rebuild this. If anyone can put in a large classic coaster, they can!

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That Jr. Comet looks to have the same layout as Camden Park's Little Dipper! Cool!

Comet looks a lot like Coney Island Cyclone.

Look at that single headlight. I never saw that before. :)

Thanks for sharing.

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^It is a mirror image :) It was NAD's "Comet Jr." model, I think there were 6 of them.

The Beast was originally to have a single headlight, btw:

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Yup, 6.


The Queens Pike was relocated to LA County Fairgrounds.

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The Little Dipper at Springlake Amusement Park in Oklahoma City also had a layout similar to Camden Park's Little Dipper.

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I couldn't help but notice how many rows had *three* people sitting in the same bench on the Comet. Looks like an awesome ride!


Little Amerricka does have the trains from LPC and has restored them. However I do not see them taking on this massive project.

I had a little behind the scenes tour at the train shop and roundhouse back in '08 and it a small crew that mainly works on a business of building steam trains for other parks and hobbyist. They buy old rides and restore em to pristine operating condition and thats what they work on if needed or if there are no Train projects going on. It took them a little over two years to build their Jr. I could see them building a mid sized out and back. I don't see them spending millions which it would cost to build a LPC replica.

Possibly a Strickers Grove Tornado or something similar.

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