Comcast reports 81% decrease in theme park revenue, believes 2021 could be a break-even year

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Comcast CEO Brian Roberts said theme parks may have been “the single biggest drag” on NBCUniversal’s quarter, but executives are optimistic the division will break even in 2021. Revenue for Comcast’s theme parks revenue fell nearly 81% in the third quarter, to $311 million, the company reported Thursday.

Read more from CNBC.

Break even in 2021? Yes, that is being pretty optimistic.

wahoo skipper said:

Break even in 2021? Yes, that is being pretty optimistic.

I can certainly agree.

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I wonder if that includes capital investments and/or things like taxes, debt service, and depreciation. If it does, that's super optimistic.

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Seems like they are intentionally vague. Could mean on an operating cash flow basis which wouldn't pick up capital investments and depreciation. Though I saw a statement from CEO something of when the world returns and everyone is sick of being in their houses, we expect the parks to do very well. That would indicate a much bigger return towards historical revenues/profits.

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