Comcast CFO describes Universal theme parks as "under-capitalized"

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Comcast Corp.'s investment in the theme parks industry is going well, said company CFO Michael Angelakis at a March 4 Morgan Stanley conference. He mentioned the success the theme park industry has had on the company's EBIDTA, and said the parks have been "under-capitalized" in recent years.

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The growth in this business is just staggering to me. Disney and Universal both are obviously growing revenue and attendance, and it's not a zero-sum arrangement.

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The number of friends that I have who are not enthusiasts, and aren't in the industry, yet already are very aware of Potter 2.0 is staggering.

It's going to be a very interesting summer at UO, and if it pays off as most of us seem to think so, then God only knows where they go from here.

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They've had some good deals for annual passes lately, with extra months, but I just can't pull the trigger knowing I won't want to be there until at least September.

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Well, to be fair, Universal is investing in prime commercial time showing teasers for Potter 2.0 which puts it in the mind of everyone whether they ever thought about it before or not. So it's bound to happen. I can't tell you the number of non-fans who have asked me about it, and I'm getting a little tired of going over it with everyone. (not really)
Another TV push I've noticed lately is Disney's Magic Band commercials, "Join us for our test period" kind of thing. Really odd, IMO, as they seem to be promoting resort stays where you get to participate in a trial period of the new system, allowing you to skip lines in addition to other 'exclusive' benefits, to paraphrase. Like that's even new, really. Having just experienced it myself, I'd hesitate (if I were them) to promote a test of the system as the biggest thing since sliced bread.
In comparison, I'd say Universal is the overall winner here. I realize Disney has to make the most of their 1.? billion dollar investment, but I look at attractions as the main draw when enticing potential visitors.

Jeff I would buy your pass now if you use the Will call option

The Pass doesn't start till the first day you use it

It will print your pass after you put in your code and swipe the Credit card you bought it with.

I renewed mine as early as I could because once WWoHP 2 opens

I think they will go up.

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