Columnist says sell FUN, lives in a vaccum

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Saw this today. This is why people shouldn't have opinions if they can't look deeper. The dude (if it's even a dude... I don't see a name), suggests that we're headed toward recession, despite evidence to the contrary, and that the last time we had one the FUN distribution went away. Nevermind that the company suffered from poor leadership and overspent on acquisitions. Context isn't important.

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David White?

I like the disclaimer that the writer doesn't own any FUN stock today but may short it in the next 72 hours. Write an article saying people should sell the stock and then short it. Nice.

There's a lot of doomsdayers out there who fully believe we're heading into that "double dip" recession. If there's any evidence to support the hype, I haven't seen it. The jobs lost aren't going to come back anytime soon, if ever, but I think we've mostly already dealt with the financial repercussions of that issue.

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