Columbus 2nd Coaster

Friday, April 22, 2005 8:15 PM
I know this has already been posted but i just wanted to let all the people know that said it could not be done.....Were wrong!!!! I have built a "coaster" is my back yard out of PVC and 2x4's. c2c has been weight tested at 300lbs and goes approx. 12 mph! The total cost of the ride with tools was only $200 it only cost 20 dollars per 10ft that is 2 dolars per foot Duh! Right now it is very short but i will be adding on this weekend. The final plan calls for two banked turns and a bunny hop. Here is a link to the pictures of it! One picture shows the ride with its future paint job red rails whit track. The car will be enclosed in the coming weeks.
Friday, April 22, 2005 9:58 PM
Congratulations on having the patience and determination to work on a project like that. I would imagine it took a lot of learning by trial and error, but sometimes that is the best. Hope it's fun!
Saturday, April 23, 2005 8:08 AM
Yeah it did take a really long time And had to find the perfect placement of the wheels. I have already made 3 seperate cars. *** Edited 4/23/2005 12:09:20 PM UTC by The Elf***
Saturday, April 23, 2005 9:53 AM
I want to build something like this off of my main roof, over my Breezeway, bank on the garage roof and finally a decent directly into my pool. :)
Saturday, April 23, 2005 10:47 AM
That souds amazing i am hoping to bank the first turn on my garage too
Saturday, April 23, 2005 10:51 AM
How the heck are you going to cut grass efficently around that thing?

Lots of time using the weed-eater!

Saturday, April 23, 2005 10:54 AM
I am goin to remove the grass from under the ride and put mulch under it.
Saturday, April 23, 2005 10:46 PM
Nice, Nice job. For a first time job thats awsome and having nothing to relate to it's pretty good. Now I don't know if this will help but I think you should put wood at an angle to each support. Good luck with the rest and I would like to see it.
Monday, April 25, 2005 10:12 AM
Very Nice,

What color scheme are you going with now that construction is done?

Monday, April 25, 2005 10:46 AM
Nice! I also applaud you for the patience and determination.

Looks great!

Now when can I stop by? :-D



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