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Didn't take any of SFEG, but those are readily available on SF's websites, here, and other sites. What I did get was some photos of Santa's Workshop at the foot of Pike's Peak, and just a few of Lakeside by night. There are a few shots of Garden of the Gods and the interior of the cave at Glenwood Caverns for good measure.
Not so much a TR as just a brief photo album.

I will say that Santa's Workshop was the only park I have ever visited where you get a tab as you enter the park (through the gift shop), and everything you want to purchase (soft drinks, food, souvenirs,etc.) is given to you, and noted on your tab (the item and the price); no money is exchanged inside the actual park. When you exit the park (again, only through the gift shop), your tab is calculated, and you pay once then for whatever you "purchased" during your visit. It for sure is an idea that I imagine would be impossible at larger parks (maybe not?), but it keeps cash handling central to only one location, with just a few employees handling money. It in turn speeds up the process inside the park, as nothing needs ringing in and no plastic or cash needs to be given. You only take out your wallet when you pay to enter, and then when you pay to leave. There is a large sign stating that even if you do not purchase anything in the park, you will still need to present your blank tab to exit, so do not lose your tab. All in all, a unique system.

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There is a food court at Caeser's Palace in Vegas that uses this card method to pay. I always thought it was an excellent idea.

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I loved my trip to Colorado this year too. We went to Lakeside, SFEG, and Big City (in Colo. Spgs.)

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Lakeside at night is a completely different and better park. I had the privilege of visiting at night for the first time this year and really enjoyed myself.

You managed to get some better shots from across the lake, lucky. ;)

"Would you like to buy a photo of you boys enjoying the Line Ride?"

Was the train running around Lake Rhoda?

If I ever get to Denver I want to ride the Lakeside Cyclone. I enjoyed the Conneaut Blue Streak and the now defunct West View Dips and this coaster was built by the same people.

Speaking of Lakeside and Conneaut Lake, they are both parks where time seems to have stopped about a quarter century ago. While that lack the newer rides, they both have many vintage rides from the past. If I remember correctly, Lakeside is the only park with three Eyerly o-Plane rides.

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Loop, Rock, and (my favorite) ROLL... ;)

I wish I could have gotten one "good" ride on Lake Winnie's Fly-o-Plane, I witnesed a couple of planes doing barrel rolls.

Once I get my Colorado pics up (soon, tomorrow maybe), I'll post back here to piggy-back on Robo's TR. ;)

were you able to get the flyers at lakeside to snap? all the times I've been there I have not been successful.
So what do you think of the alpine coaster at Glenwood Caverns? I find it to be a blast and would love to ride one with a more imaginative layout.

Did you have poopy weather the entire trip, or was that just during your visit to Co. Springs? Please tell me you drove up to the top of Pike's Peak. That drive is scarier than most thrill rides that I've ever ridden.

Details, Robo, I want details! :)

Glad you were able to make the trip, I'm bummed I couldn't make it.

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what happens if you do lose the tab? Do they do what they do on turnpikes and charge you the highest possible fee? Or are you just never allowed to leave? ;)
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^ Where do ya think ELVES come from? Keep those tabs, kids... ;)
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Yup, the train was running all around the lake. As for the flyers, we did witness a snap, albeit from some kid who had no idea of the significance of his accomplishment; it was completely a fluke. Those flyers are as sucky as we heard. However, the bumper cars there are suckier. Note: For truly great bumper car action try the ones at Oaks Park in Portland, OR (no, I haven't been to Knoebel's).

But I still loved Lakeside. The look of the park by night reminded a lot of Kennywood at night. A very classic vibe emanates at night. What really took me by surprise however, was the Wild Chipmunk. I have an affinity for classic-style mouse rides, and Wild Chipmunk has to be the best out there. Period! There are not a whole lot of mice with air, but this had nice pops of it and just the right amount of laterals; not too painful and not too gentle. Decent speed, etc. I enjoyed taking a spin on The Whip as well, only my second one ever after KW's. The Satellite was another classic that provided good fun.
And of course, Cyclone was a highlight. Not particularly strong in any one area, but overall an extremely good ride, and it certainly helps that "classic" feel the park has. Riding the rides, it was apparent the love and care that goes into maintaining all of Lakeside, IMO.

PT, I sure hope more able cameramen than me can get better shots from across the lake, LOL. :)

Millrace, I honestly do not know what happens if you lose the tab; they wouldn't say. Maybe Gator's right.

Incidentalist, I'll post more on Glenwood later today. :)

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Those are beautiful pics, Rob. Some of them are even quite eerie, but in a cool way.

It must be the fog. :)


I know in past years, they make you buy a new one. I believe they're the price of admission. My brother and his wife went with my nieces and nephews and they lost theirs and they had to buy a new one.

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So the trick is to rack up charges that exceed the price of admission and then "lose" the tab. ;)

I really like the shot of the ferris wheel in the fog. I visited Santa's Workshop years ago ( I was 7!). I don't remember much except for the Candy Cane Coaster. I believe that was among my first coaster rides.

You can snap the flyers at Lakeside but the problem is that the ride cycle is extremely short. If you don't get your rhythm going immediately, then you have no chance.

What's fun though is that if you can fly high enough and time it right, there's a couple trees you can clip pretty good with the tub.

It's a great looking ride at night and the only one I've ever seen with 12 tubs.

Speaking of flyers, I should mention that the ones at Santa's Workshop are extremely easy to snap. Unfortunately, they operator wasn't having any of that.

Here's my pictures from the trip.


I used to go to Santa's Workshop a lot when I was little. The candy cane slide used to be so huge, I went back last December and it seemed so small.

I usually go for back seat rides but the front seat on Lakeside's Cyclone is awesome. The Roll-o-plane might have a crappy capacity and might beat the crap out of you but it's one of the best flat rides ever.

I hope everyone had a good time at SFEG. I've worked there for seven seasons so I'm a bit biased.

It's cool to see pictures of Casa Bonita. When I was in college one of my friends and I would go almost once a month. The only food I'll endorse there is the nacho salad.

I haven't been to the Glenwood Caverns but the place looks fun. Did anybody go to the hot springs pools? The hot one has cool jacuzzi seats and they have a couple water slides.

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