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Our local community had the bright idea of allowing the local high school art students to paint the ubiquitous "ugly" utility boxes to enliven what would otherwise be a dull urban environment. The problem for me, and other residents, is that now the once green boxes, are much more noticeable. Dark green is used by designers to hide things (e.g., show buildings), so the paint jobs made them much more noticeable.

It occurred to me that the Whizzer was painted in the same green color. And thinking about the Whizzer, I wondered whether it had an impact on the ride experience. I have a feeling that it contributed to a sense of flying without being anchored to the earth. Very subtle, and it has been a while since I rode, but there was sonething to that ride, other than just pure layout, that other coasters just didn't have.

But that one thought for a single topic doesn't seem adequate for this forum. So I thought, in this roundabout way, I'd like to discuss what your thoughts are on coaster color schemes, their importance to the ride experience, some of the better ones, how "dated" some are, which schemes do you hate, and what the heck, did repainting your RCT coasters improve their popularity?

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Rec and yellow coasters make people hungry, and more likely to make more food purchases, because it reminds people of ketchup and mustard... in America at least. It's the same idea as to why you see the color scheme at many fast food restaurants. ..Discuss. lol

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Speaking of food, I'm not too keen on the Xcelerator scheme: Pepto Bizmol (faded red) and ice blue. I lean towards yellows (e.g., Skyrush, Talon, Lock Ness). Perhaps that color holds up better over time. And there is a nice contrast with the supports. Then again I prefer mustard over ketchup.

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"I go out at 3 o' clock for a quart of milk and come home to my son treating his body like an amusement park!" - Estelle Costanza

Popcorn colored coasters make me want popcorn.

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I want to put in a "plus" vote for DW's Tennessee Tornado - the color scheme helps the ride blend in to the surroundings nicely (helps to maintain charm).

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I've always been fond of the neon green coasters. Pair that with purple and you have a winner ;)

Certain victory.

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