Cocoa Beach approves rides for pier

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The Cocoa Beach Board of Adjustment voted unanimously Wednesday night to approve three amusement park rides at the Cocoa Beach Pier. The 6-0 vote came with two stipulations for the Pier's owners: No music can be played on ride sound systems and rides cannot operate past 8 p.m., two hours earlier than was originally requested.

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I'm sorry, but this article made me laugh and laugh.
"There were kids screaming!"

I guess the reason I can laugh is I'm nowhere near this nightmare. I don't know what the scene in Cocoa is these days, but I picture oldsters in condos. And the shame is that seaside piers are at their best as evening/nighttime attractions. It sounds like they're trying to do their best to improve the pier, so good luck having to close at 8.

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I've never really spent any time there. There's definitely a "boat people" party scene along the east side of Port Canaveral, but getting up to Cocoa Beach, toward the pier... I can't say I've ever thought, "Let's go there!" Seems like this would help with that.

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In my 9 years living in Orlando I have been to Cocoa Beach twice. Once the first summer I was here to see what it was about and the other to meet relatives for lunch when they were on a cruise from Baltimore that had a day at Canaveral. Not that I am much of a beach person to begin with, but the Gulf Coast beaches (St. Pete, Treasure Island, Clearwater, etc) are leaps and bounds nicer. And on the Atlantic side, I am partial to New Smyrna.

I drove through the area on the way to a restaurant in Melbourne on a work trip a few years ago. The town of Cocoa Beach has kind of a gritty, dated feel to it. Lots of mid-century modern architecture and it looked like it was ready to star in a vacation episode of Mad Men. It reminded me a lot of Galveston, TX before it started to clean up and became a big cruise port. I think a pier park would fit in nicely.

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bigboy said:

I drove through the area on the way to a restaurant in Melbourne on a work trip a few years ago. The town of Cocoa Beach has kind of a gritty, dated feel to it.

Probably just like the people who reside there.

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Literally had to google where this place was and why I should care about it. My answers came up as "irrelevant" and "I shouldn't." My real question is how this made the news forum here. I've got a couple local news articles I can share about the carnivals that happen in my area, and they've got anywhere between 10 and fifteen rides each. And they don't close at 8 with no music, either.

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Well when you build your own site and run it for 17 years, you're welcome to have your own standard for newsworthiness.

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17 YEARS? Jeff's old. ;~)

You still have Zoidberg.... You ALL have Zoidberg! (V) (;,,;) (V)

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Well that means we're old too since we've been hanging around here that long.

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Whatever, Bill didn't even join until 2001!

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