Coco Key Water Resorts Opening Now!

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A new chain of High-End indoor waterparks has begun opening its doors in 2 cities already. You will find Coco Key water resorts at pre-existing hotels in Chicago, Columbus, and Rockford, IL. The Ohio resort is located at the Cherry Valley Lodge near Columbus. The Chicago location is open at the Sheraton Chicago Northwest in Arlington Heights, IL. The Rockford location is soon to open at the Clocktower hotel. The Chicago Location offers 4 large waterslides, an adventure river, a waterplay structure with 3 slides, a wave beach, an indoor-outdoor hot tub, activity pool with lilly pads, and a dip in-theater. Check them out!

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Sounds great!

How long until we see 'waterparkbuzz' come along? :)

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lol thats actually not too bad of an idea dannerman:)
I know the subject has come up before, but it was half joke and half a suggestion for Jeff... Although I'm sure he would want to get the new version of cbuzz done before considering a whole new site.


That would be an interesting idea, Jeff:

If possible with what you've already coded, you could bring the userbase from pointbuzz and coasterbuzz together, and have cbuzz and pbuzz 2 "subsections" of the new site, which wouldn't be too hard to then create waterpark buzz from the same userbase and forum engine.

Or not.. obviously it's your site and your choice. Just an idea that popped in my head.

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While the site is called coasterbuzz, it pretty much has gotten to the point where we can discuss any park setting on this site.

That would include amusement parks with coasters, amusement parks without coasters, theme parks with coasters, theme parks without coasters, waterparks, zoos, FEC's, marine parks, Aquariums, Museums, and misc. type of parks with rides(example being Navy Pier in Chicago).

All of the above type of parks have been discussed here and it's encouraged.

Especially during the offseason. :)

My favorite MJ tune: "Billie Jean" which I have been listening to alot now. RIP MJ.

yeah, but someone who's really interested in water parks but hates coasters may not give it a chance. It would probably draw its own unique userbase along with the overlap... just like pointbuzz does now because its focus is Cedar Point

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Waterparkbuzz would be really cool. I would frequent that site as well.

"We must let go of the life we have planned, so as to accept the one that is waiting for us."
-Joseph Campbell

I would like a waterpark section myself.
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I'm still trying to find someone who needs help with "flatridebuzz"....heard rumors of someone working on such a site, and I *think* I could be helpful... ;)

These indoor waterparks haven't exactly "exhausted" their markets yet....but anyone who got in when we were first exchanging banter on the *print your own money* idea ('01-02?), they probably paid off their entire investment already...and THEN some... :)

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Not much to the rumors, gator. I brought the subject up last offseason (or maybe it was 2 years ago?), and even had someone pm me about possibly helping to support it, but before I was able to do anything substantial, I went out and got me one of those annoying things called "jobs" so I no longer have the time for it :(

perhaps if I win the lottery.... ;)

"Life's What You Make It, So Let's Make It Rock!"

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