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No ones been talking about this new coaster so I decided to find more about it. Anyone ever been on a "PAX Company" coaster? This looks pretty fun and that hang time upside down on the back spike is probably wicked.

S:ROS = <3
Their small to midsized family coasters are the most fun you can have on such a coaster! They have insane banking, ludicrous speed and pack a punch that those Vekoma Rollerskaters can only dream of.

Take a look at this:

It looks like EGF after it was washed too hot!

They have incredibly tight and whacked out designs, that make Stengel look like a choir-boy.

The only one of their looping rides I have ridden is the one at Gorky Park in Moscow. This is very bizarre because the train is so long that it fills the whole loop. It has lapbars only and is, despite its appearance, a solid ride:

Sadly I have never ridden one of their Shuttles. Those OTSR look horrible but their overall design ideas have to be admired. I think they even invented the "steeper than 90°"-drop before Gerstlauer did it:

They have as well a Wild Mouse-esque model with curves that are banked to the outside! The rest of the layout is totally nuts:

I just hope that more customers in western europe and the usa will get rid of their prejudices and buy more of their stuff.

Every park should have a Wild Train!

wiki wiki wiki wiki...ahh shut up!
Pax? Oh my... Parc St-Paul started out good with their Wild Train... put then, the Wild Mouse they ordered was delivered a year late and then had a complete brake failure that caused cars to slam in each others! Soquet (french copycats) copied Giovanola/B&M brake design and installed them on the ride. It seems to be working alright since...

I was also reading up on this ride (4 years later, apparently). Here's a video I found of it

Any thoughts on how fast it goes into the loop and 2nd-unnecessarily-sketchy-looking-lifthill, and how slow the return run is compared to that?

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Looks like...ouch.

But still cool. I'd ride it.


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Looks like fun to me.

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