Coasting For Kids 2016

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There was already a question about this on PointBuzz, so I figured I better post something here as well...

Cedar Fair's relationship with GKTW is changing. The company will not host Coasting For Kids this year, and is instead taking on an exciting new reunion event for the village at a number of its parks. Cedar Fair's participation has helped raise more than $600,000 since 2009, and we're grateful for their leadership in getting the event off the ground. Their new role will provide closer interaction with wish families, and of course they will continue to participate in the Village's Passport program.

That means that this year's event will take place at different parks, with the potential to go global. One park has already committed, and we're having discussions to do more. The most exciting change is that this will no longer be a one-day event.

In other words... stay tuned!

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White Lightning at Fun Spot? ;)

I'm definitely participating this year, even if it's just as a virtual rider. It was awesome doing it in '11 and it's a lot easier to get people to donate when you participate (my attempts the past few years while not participating fell flat).

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