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Wednesday, June 15, 2005 5:27 PM
What a surprise. This park is a gem. After being a little disappointed with SFGAdv the day before, SFNE greatly lifted my spirits. I arrived at the park a little late after getting stuck in some nasty traffic on I95. I found the park a little confusing at first but quickly learned my way around.

I started out by working on my credits getting a ride in on Flash back and then on Cyclone. What can I say about flashback, just your everyday boomerang. Cyclone needs some work and one ride was enough.

Next off was Mr. Six’s Pandemonium. Using the single rider line I was on in no time. This is a great ride if you like spinning wild mouse rides. It was worth a reride. Next in line was Thunderbolt. It was better then Cyclone, but it too could use some TLC.

Next I hit Mind Eraser and then headed to Batman The Dark Knight. Batman is not to bad but like Hydra it just is not a Medusa. Still a lot of fun though.

The park looked a little crowded when I arrived but all the lines moved fast and I quickly had my credits. It was time for Superman. Time to see if it was really as good as everyone talked about. I had thought that it was just a cookie cutter version of the ones at SFA and SFDL. One look told me that it wasn’t. I entered the line and waited for the second seat. Loading times are much better than last year at SFA and they have removed that side belt from the restraint. The restraints still suck though. I was quickly loaded into the train and on my way up the hill. I was immediately impressed with the ride and it is loaded with airtime. Not just air, but ejector air. Even though the ride ops firmly stapled me in, I was coming out of my seat. This is just an incredible ride. I rode several times in the back, middle and the front seat and every seat on the train delivers air. If it were not for those stupid restraints this would be my new #1 steel coaster but it does knock MF down a notch on my list. I rerode several times and grabbed a few more laps on Batman and a few other rides. I hate to admit it but I even took a lap on Poison Ivy.

Food service was fast and friendly and the food that I tried was good. Everyone in the park was friendly and helpful. One of the vendors in the park asked me if I needed help finding something when she saw me walking aimlessly with my map. Little thinks like that go a long way in my book. I was thoroughly impressed with the park and its people and stopped at guest services on the way out and filled out a compliment. I was that happy with my visit. *** Edited 6/15/2005 9:29:30 PM UTC by CP ismyhome***

#1 Steel: Sky Rush
#1 Wood: Voyage
#1Park: Holiday World


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