Coasters you wish you had the chance to ride

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Okay, I'm still kind of new around here on the forums. If I post a thread similar to one done in the past, I apologize. That being said, I was on Coaster Count ( and was looking at some of the coasters that have come and gone and found a few that I wish I had the chance to ride. Just turning 30 earlier this month, there are some that saw their heyday before I was even a thought. Regardless, I wish I would have been able to get a ride on a few of them. Here are some of the ones that I found. Feel free to post some of yours. I'd like to see them.

Derby Racer - Euclid Beach, OH

Villain - Geauga Lake & Wildwater Kingdom, OH

Bat - Kings Island, OH

Drachen Fire - Busch Gardens, VA (they were building this one year I went as a kid, but by time I got back, it was SBNO)

Greyhound - Hazle Park, PA

Steel Phantom - Kennywood, PA

Screem Machine - Wildwood, NJ

Golden Nugget - Wildwood, NJ (I rode this too many times to count as a child, but it would be so cool to ride it just one more time with my now passed grandfather, who used to sit right beside me every time I wanted to get on it over and over again)

I could probably go and find dozens more, but I'll give some of you a chance to post some of yours. I'd like to see them. I'll post some more if it looks like a topic people are interested in.


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Well, you can still catch a ride on part of Steel Phantom. Trust me, it's the better part anyway! ;)

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Would it really kill people to look at rides in the database here? I know it's not entirely complete, but that's why I made it so you could add rides.

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^^^If you include the Racing Coaster at Euclid Beach then don't you also pine for the Thriller and Flying Turns? The Racing Coaster was fun, but the other two were better.

My gone-but-not-forgotten wish list would have to include:

Aeroplane at Rye, Bobs at Riverview, Bobs at Belle Vue, Bear Cat at Sans Souci, Wildcat at Coney Island (Oh), Lake Placid Bobsleds at Palisades, Virginia Reel at Blackpool.

I'm sure there's others...

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I've used this site for years and enjoy it very much. Just started posting in the forums though. This site has always been my starting point for anything. Just found the other site to have a little more of the old school stuff that I was thinking of for this post.

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LOL Jeff.. I was thinking the same thing since I added to your Db a few times recently, but saw the RCDB link in the post.

We are a creature of habit though, and RCDB has been known in the enthusiast community as the "encyclopedia" of information..

But hey.. you have better Griffon pics right now ;)

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Not that you're biased.

Jeff - Editor - - My Blog

Crystal Beach Cyclone
Puritas Springs Cyclone
Wildcat at Idora Park
The original Wildcat at Hersheypark

The Dips at Dream City, aka Schuylkill Park, which would be within walking distance of my home.
Coaster at Lakewood Park, which was the "big" coaster in the park where I rode my first coaster.

Mauch Chunk Switchback... seriously.

The Flying Turns at Euclid Beach

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Jeff said:
Not that you're biased.

No.. Not at all.. :)

Thunderbolt and Alps at Willow Grove Park (and the rest of the coasters they had). I hate the fact I live 10 minutes away from what used to be a park and I never had a chance to ride anything there since it closed before I was born.

And even though it is still around, Avalanche at Kings Dominion. I finally was willing to ride it in 2003 but ran out of time and since it's the only Mack Bobsled in the US, I know it's the only chance I have at trying that type of ride but doubt I will be back to the park anytime soon.

This is a weird one but I was always fascinated by the commercials I got from NYC stations for the Screamin' Demon at Magic Valley Park in Bushkill, PA. At the time in the early 80s in my formative coaster years, I used to ride the Riverside Park Wildcat over and over. The commercials for Magic Valley Park showed what looked like standard Schwarzkoph Wildcat cars and track, but a longer version that went beyond the usual design. There's very little info about this coaster on the internet, can any Coasterbuzzers verify that this was a unique Wildcat? Childhood perception can be a bit sketchy but this always stuck with me for some reason, and I'm still a fan the 54m model Wildcats.

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The Crystal Beach Cyclone just to see if it was as nasty as people said it was back in the day. If anything I would just sit and watch how many people would get off the ride and limp to the nurse's station. ;)

The Switchback Railway is another one that comes to mind, just because. ;)


I guess some of my home state coasters come to mind, simply because I lived near them...

1. King Kobra that was at KD. (Anton S. shuttle) I got into coasters the year after they removed it...

2. Rocket at Ocean View Amusement Park

3. Dipps at Buckroe Beach (I saw this when I was a little kid too little to ride and never made it back)

Danny Biggerstaff CoAsTeRDaN

I would have to say HyperSonic XLC that used to be at Kings Dominion and also The Bat that used to be at Kings Island ( I heard that The Bat was an out of control ride for a suspended coaster of its time). Would have been cool to have experienced it!

Collin Aynes

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Traver triplets, original Shooting Star from Coney, all of the wood from Riverview and Palisades, Puritas Cyclone, Woodcliffe Blue Streak, original Rattler configuration, original SFMM Colossus configuration, Oaks Park's Zip, Rye Aeroplane, Bisby's Spiral Airship, Mister Twister (post-first-year-mods), High Roller in its heyday, Flip-Flap railway, Loop-the-Loop. Many many others, but that's a decent start... :)

Oh, and there's a few steelies I'd like as well - like the barely-missed Thriller/Zonga, and def. The Bat... ;)

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Hypersonic was a complete piece of crap. You didn't miss anything.

I suspect that a lot of these are rides that, if you did get to ride them, they'd fail to meet your expectations in almost every way.

Jeff - Editor - - My Blog

  • The original Ravine Flyer at Waldameer
  • Cyclone at Puritas Springs
  • Cyclone at Crystal Beach
  • The Bat at KI
  • Lightning at Revere Beach, Revere, Massachusetts

Tyring to keep Big Bad Wolf at BGE off this list. Need to find some time to get to the park before they close the coaster for good.

Also the Little Dipper at Memphis Kiddie Park, which they say is the oldest continuing operation steel coaster, is a credit I have wanted for some time.

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Jeff said:
Hypersonic was a complete piece of crap. You didn't miss anything..

I disagree with that Jeff.

They missed:

Potential Blood loss to the extremities due to the restraint clicking 1 more click down on your thighs..

Potential Neck and back injuries as you are whipped up a hill that was poorly designed (IMHO).

Long lines just to come off saying.. "are you kidding me?"

I'd say they missed quite a bit :)

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True, Hypersonic was a piece of crap, but I have to admit it was the most intense launch I've ever felt.

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