Coasters running in the rain?

I was at Canada's Wonderland on the 13th and 14th and most of their coasters ran in a medium to heavy rain. Leviathan and Behemoth ran with all 3 trains. Dragon Fire was runnning with both of it's trains. All wooden coasters were running with all of their trains. Flight Deck was also running both trains in quite a steady rain on Tuesday. Vortex was also running both trains in the rain on Monday, but on Tuesday they were only running one train in the rain. Their Wild Mouse was the only one that I didn't see run in the rain, but i've heard these are overly sensored.

So my question is why when i'm at an american park all roller coasters seem to shut down at the first hint of rain, but in a foreign park with the same owners the rides just seem to run as if nothing is different? I mean this wasn't a light rain, but fairly moderate. We got soaked ridding Behemoth Monday night.

I know alot of you are alot more knowing than I am on this subject.

I think the Magnum incident a couple of years ago brought that to a screeching (through the brake run) halt for Cedar Fair. Now that I think about it, I haven't been in a park in the last two year while it rained, so I can't say for certain.

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In my experience, lightening will close a coaster even before the storm reaches the park. Most recently this happened to me last Thursday (8/9) at Dorney Park as I was on Hydra and I got the last ride of the evening due to the storm on the horizon. Just as they were checking the restraints I could see the flashes in the distance. As we were dispatched I heard the ride ops tell those in line that the ride was closed.

With no lightening in the area or high winds and just a light rain I've been on several coasters, including Top Thrill Dragster.

This past spring at Kings Island I witnessed Vortex dropped down to one train operation in a long rain shower and the ride remained open.

I have also ridden Thunderbolt, Kennywood and Millennium Force, Cedar Point in a little heavier rain to the point where it was impossible to keep my eyes open and the rain drops began to sting.

I rode I-305 and Dominator back in April, not only in pretty heavy rain, but high winds and temps in the high 30's. I was very surprised they were running, especially 305.

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Thunderhawk at Michigan's Adventure was running in the rain last time i was there.

I guess i just posted because I have been at CP in a moderate rain with MF, Magnum XL 200, ID, CCMR, Gemini, Corkscrew only running one train. Maverick and TTD were'nt even running. My point in posting was the fact that all coasters were running normal operations at CW in a pretty heavy rain, except for their Mad Mouse.

I was thinking it was more of being in a different country, that's the only reason I asked.

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Fall Affair 2009. Does Holiday World have a weather policy? ;)

I kid, I know it was an exception, and it was one heck of a painfully fun pair of Voyage laps!

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Maverick and Dragster, Woodstock Express, and to a lesser degree, Mantis:TCFKAB and Millennium Force (not to mention the dearly departed Wildcat, Disaster Transport, Demon Drop, and Bayern Kurve; also the Giant Wheel) rely heavily on drive systems that involve rubber tires pushing against steel plates. When wet, those rides don't stop very well. Cedar Point hasn't got one, but most Wild Mouse coasters also fit into this category. Gemini has a system of presence detection switches that make use of photo eyes that are easily confused by certain environmental conditions including rain; that is also why they apply, but do not buff off, a wax coating on Gemini's "bumpers".

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Didn't know about the wax coating on Gemini's bumpers RideMan, great info. I only posted about 3 train op. at CW in a heavy rain due to my understading of the company policy implemented after the Magnum incident, that all coasters will run only one train in any kind of rain.

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With near daily summer storms in Florida, it really depends on the park what happens. Both Busch Gardens and SeaWorld shut down anything outdoors when the afternoon weather hits, and usually don't re-open until well after the rain has stopped. At Disney, on the other hand, I've ridden Expedition Everest when it's pouring rain with incoming storms. Most of the rides also open back up when it's still raining as long as the lightning is a sufficient distance away.

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Wooden coasters are the best in the rain - more sliding and less rolling makes for some really fun "rocket rides."

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Absolutely true, Gator! One ride on The Beast in the rain after dark, and you'll notice that everything else sucks. lol

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We rode Thunder Mountain during a thunder storm at Disneyland earlier this spring. :)

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It's basic math.

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The amusement park rises bold and are huddled on the beach in a mist

I have been to Great Adventure a few times in the rain and all the coasters except Kingda Ka still ran. Rolling Thunder goes to 1 train though. That's one of the reasons I like Great Adventure, the weather doesn't stop the coasters from running. Even on closing day last year when it was in the mid 30's at night, all coasters except Kingda Ka were running and with maximum trains even though I thought B&M's aren't supposed to run in under 40 degrees.

I was also at Dorney last year the day of the hurricane and the skies opened up while I was riding Steel Force. That time they not only closed the rides but closed the park though I can't blame them since it was already 6:00 and there were maybe 100 cars in the lot. 6 years ago when I was there during a thunderstorm, they actually kept the Whip and Music Express open. The power went out of a second in the middle of the ride on the Whip so they closed it after that.

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Is it just me or does anybody else get the song "Escape (If You Like Pina Coladas)" stuck in his head reading this thread?

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Rode the Racer at Kennywood in a sudden downpour, it really stung! This was the infamous KennyCon now known as "The Monsoon on the Mon". The rain was intense but when lightning was spotted just outside the "safety zone" the park blew taps and cleared the park (we were given rain checks as we exited)

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