Coasters in the winter/snow

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Hi all

I'm looking for some pictures of coasters in the winter and/or covered in snow. I've tried the ol' Google image searches (too few links returned and most not relevant) and I've looked through some of the popular coaster image websites (way too many pictures to manually search through).

Anyone out there have some direct links to winter coaster pics, or pictures they'd be willing to e-mail? I'd prefer pictures of wooden coasters, but either will do. The higher the resolution the better.


P.S. I've already seen/have the pics of TTD during winter construction, so please leave those out. Thanks!

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I believe there are some good photos on Pointbuzz too taken by Walt, including a great Gemini one he offers as a screen saver once a year and a MF one.

Check Photos, Photo Features and scroll down to the Winter Scenes.

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Scroll to the very bottom...there are 2 of Bluestreak.

I think there's at least one wallpaper on the Holiday World site with snow on the Voyage.

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There are several more of Hades there.

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A few years ago someone had one very nice picture of Raptor in the winter. Whatever happened to it?

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Holiday World's wallpapers also have one of the Raven in the snow. I don't know if they still have it at CP's site, but they had a really awesome wallpaper from the top of Dragster during the winter.
Worlds of Fun's Patriot during construction in the snow

I knoe RCDB has some of TTD from when it was being built
Walkin in a Winter Wonderland...

These are really nice hi-res pics. *** Edited 11/28/2006 4:38:18 AM UTC by PCWCoasterBoy***

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