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Not sure if this question has been asked before.

If you could do a remake of any roller coaster related movie, which one would it be, and what actors would you hire for the new version? And, how would you make it different to appeal to a new audience?

My choice would be Vacation. I think Jim Carrey would be perfect for the role of Clark Griswald. His facial expressions are awesome. I would also have that guy from 21 jump street to play the John Candy role. Not sure who I would get to play the wife and kids, but, Christina Applegate comes to mind. Maybe get Joan Rivers to be Aunt Etna, but instead of making her an aunt, we make her into a foul mouthed Grandma.

"This your idea of a good restaurant! A-hole!"

My biggest twist would be switching the role of Christy Brinkly to a dude. Maybe Jake Gylenhaal in a cowboy hat, with a little Brokeback Mountain Spoof, and bring out Clark's inner homo. But, of course only in thoughts and not actually have any connection. But, still have the scenes where they see each other here and there. :) Really shock the audience, but in ways that make them laugh.

But, which park to use for Wally World would be the big question. Magic Mountain still seems like a great idea. But, what to do with the whole kidnapping the gate guard story. I might even make it a bigger twist and have the whole family thrown in Jail, and have Clark trick and kidnap a cop (played by the 21 jump street kid) tie him up, and force him to drive his family to Wally World in a police van. Make it really crazy. Eventually make the cop have so much fun at the park, that he starts helping!

Also, don't make the park empty, make it packed with guests with crazy chase scenes, and scooby doo-like places for them to hide.

What do you think?

Another one I would remake is Roller Coaster. But that would be much darker. Maybe have Jake Gylenhaal play the cop in that one. And, maybe Jonny Dep as the coaster bomber. Maybe make batman the ride one of his targets, and have the cars fly off the tracks. And maybe Tatsu, or another flying coaster be his final dare. But, maybe he doesn't die like in Roller Coaster, maybe he just gets worse for Roller Coaster 2!!


I didn't do it! I swear!!

A re-boot of Vacation is already planned. Ted Helms, from the Hangover (and I think, The Office) in talks to play the lead. He'd be playing Rusty Griswold, the son in the original series, now vacationing with his own family. I guess Anthony Michael Hall couldn't reprise his role, because he's so busy these days with dozens of film projects.

And in the original Rollercoaster!, George Segal's lead character was not a cop..I believe he was a ride inspector. And anyone who plays the role of the bomber has BIG shoes to fill, as IMO, Timothy Bottoms was one of the great "bad guys" of the 70's. I wonder if Helen Hunt is available to play her part again....

The amusement park rises bold and are huddled on the beach in a mist

Yeah, I already went on record at an IAAPA social that I would love to play Harry Caulder, a State of California Inspector for Standards and Measures. Disney would never let anyone near there parks for any epic drama, so you would have to go the Six Flags route, and you need a high profile ride, like Superman at MM. Remember, Dennis Speigel from ITPS was included in the footage when he was working at Kings Dominion. I tease him at IAAPA about that on a regular basis.

Clint Eastwood would play a great Agent Hoyt, and by the way, that movie is great on the giant home tv's.

Vacation, I would do the Wild West Theme and immerse the action at Knott's. Its a great thing when I have friends over and they ask is Wally World real. But Knott's has that incredible Ghost Town section that could really be played up.

However, I think you have a thing for Jake Glyenhaal. In this industry, he just doesn't make a connection, nor does speaking of Brokeback Mountain in public. Its not a cowboy thing to do.

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Ah. I forgot that George Segal was a coaster inspector. But, then in a re-created version of the film. One of the lead roles could still be a cop or an FBI agent, as there were plenty of them in the original movie.

I also had another horrible vision of a ride target. An S&S spaceshot. Where the bomber is in the park, and blows up the tower while it is full of riders, and it falls down onto the midway crowds as they scatter. One of the bombers examples of what might happen again if he doesn't get paid. Even though he's really just a psycho who will do it again, just because he's crazy.

If not Johnny Dep to play the bomber... maybe Robert Downy Junior. Or name your movie villain. Nicholas Cage? But NOT John Travolta!

I didn't do it! I swear!!

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Hey Agent Johnson. Yes I think Jake Gylenhaal is hot, but, I also think he is a very good actor. Have you ever seen Source Code? I think he would make a perfect Cop/FBI agent.

As for adding him to my Vacation idea. I just used Jake Gylenhaal as an example. It could be any other attractive actor, and having the Brokeback mountain thing, was only to spoof Brokeback mountain for a few minutes in the film, just as they did in Scary Movie 4, but, not at that level. Who better to spoof Brokeback mountain than Jake himself? But, it's just a thought not written in stone.

Most hollywood directors and writers change their minds on a script a hundred ways from sideways. Did you know that they originally wanted Tom Selleck to play the Han Solo role in the original Star Wars. Only he didn't accept it because he did not want to be stuck in a role. Yet he did that cop movie with Gene Simmons. Hmmm.

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I didn't do it! I swear!!

I think Travolta would be fine. He can demand massages instead of money.

The amusement park rises bold and are huddled on the beach in a mist

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Mike Gallagher said:

A re-boot of Vacation is already planned. Ted Helms, from the Hangover (and I think, The Office) in talks to play the lead.

Too bad they couldn't get Ed Helms, he's pretty funny. ;)

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Mike Gallagher said:

I think Travolta would be fine. He can demand massages instead of money.

I have seen way too many action movies with Travolta, where he usually plays a sick bastard. But, he's been in so many, I get sick of seeing his face. One reason why If I were to cast the role, I would not choose him. But, I would pick him before Stallone or Swartzenager. Can't stand them either.

On the subject. What does everyone think of the Total recall movie that is coming? Kind of the reason, I post this subject. If you are going to remake a movie remake something funny! I saw 21 jump street, and it was actually pretty good.

I didn't do it! I swear!!

Three Ninjas, High Noon at MegaMountain. Hehehe...

I WOULD like to see a remake of Roller Coaster, but I don't know with who in it...

"Look at us spinning out in the madness of a roller coaster" - Dave Matthews Band

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I think they should remake KISS Meets the Phantom of the Park. With all of the original cast.

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I am coming into this conversation a little late...

First of all, Timber-rider, your Vacation remake ideas are really good; probably much better that how the real remake will turn out. I LOVE Jim Carry. He would have been amazing in that role.

Second, Jake Gyllenhaal´╗┐ is H-O-T, and a great actor! I'll watch anything he is in. He would make a fantastic super hero. Source Code is an amazing film.

The movie with Tom Selleck and Gene Simmons was Runaway, where his department disabled 'runaway' robotic servants and task machines. They both nailed their roles, in my opinion.

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I think they should do a reboot of the 6-minute scene from The Wire, in which the children go to Six Flags to briefly relieve the crushing, inescapable realities of their lives. Jim Carrey would be a natural to play Namond.

Also: Coasters! Movie Stars! Shiny Objects!

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While not exactly coaster related, I would like to see a remake of the Yul Brynner movie Westworld. But change it up to make the park less 'adult' oriented and more like Disney. Having all the cute characters go berserk and start attacking the happy families has lots of potential.

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^ Simpsons did it!

I'd never heard of Westworld until it was a question on a Simpsons trivia calendar. I'd always thought the episode was mostly a reference to Jurassic Park (apparently only the helicopter ride and the mention of chaos theory were).

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I remember Westworld. That's the one where they created various individual theme parks, where each park had very human-like Robots. It got to the point in the film where some of the guests couldn't tell who was real and who wasn't. The Robots all started going around killing everyone. Yul Brynner played the evil cowboy, who could not be stopped. The funniest parts were watching the scientists go into a town and pick up all the robots, and then replace them, and time them all to start moving all at once. Of corse, that is until they could no longer control them.

They could very easily remake this movie with even better graphics. With the recent craze of building life-like Dinosaurs, and Universals push to re-create movies with props and stunt men. This seems like it would be a great time for either studio to make a Westworld remake, and then add a version of it to their parks. Without the killing of course.

Westworld was a very advanced film when it was made. I wonder if that might be where they got the idea for the Terminator.

I didn't do it! I swear!!

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Agent Johnson said:

The movie with Tom Selleck and Gene Simmons was Runaway, where his department disabled 'runaway' robotic servants and task machines. They both nailed their roles, in my opinion.

Yes Tom Selleck was very good in Runaway. And, at that time, he was on the movie producers wanted list to be in a lot of films. But, a good majority of the movies he starred in did not make very much money. His only big movies were being a co-star in movies like, 3 men and a baby, and In & Out. He was also in some foreign films that nobody has seen.

I am just saying that if he had taken the role of Han Solo, I'm sure he would have played it brilliantly, and made a butt load of cash. Look at Harrison Ford, being Han Solo is probably one of the reasons he has been in so many movies. You can only type-cast yourself if you allow it to happen, and he didn't. Look at how many great movies he has been in.

You can bet if Tom Selleck had taken the Han Solo Role, he may have been in line for the Indiana Jones as well.

As for Gene Simmons. He was pretty decent in Runaway as well. But, I don't think he was in any other movies after that.

I didn't do it! I swear!!

Simmons was brilliant in Extract

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Hey LostKause;

I'm glad you enjoyed my insanity. I thought up some more craziness taken from the movie Vacation only a more modern version for today's kids. See if you can see where this going. Guess who they might be.

Charactor 1: Hey, do you have the internet?

Charactor 2: No, but, I think my dad does, but I think he broke it on a fishing trip last summer. Caught a big ole catfish with it, tore it all to hell.

Charactor 1: you have a Laptop?"

Charactor 2: Sure I do! My dog Stinky sits on top of my Lap all the time. Aint that right Stinky. (Charactor pets dog)

Charactor 1: So you do or you don't have a computer.

Charactor 2: Shucks no. But, I do have a stack of Nudey Magazines that high in a box in my closet. (gestures with hand)

Of course I like the Asteroids dialog better.

Do you have Asteroids?

No but my dad does. Can't even sit on the toilet some days!! LOL!!

I would do the teeter totter chat, but there might be women who would get offended. But, that's one of my favorite scenes.

I'm going steady and I french Kiss.

So what, anyone can do that.

"Yeah, but Daddy says I do it best!" LOL!!!

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I didn't do it! I swear!!

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