Coastermania, forgot card, in ohio.

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Hey guys, will CP take a faxed copy of my card? Or do I need to overnight it to Ohio?


Dummy left it at home.

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Perhaps you should ask the park. No one here is qualified to answer that unless Tony pops in.

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Spoke with guest services at the park, they were not 100% sure, they said it might be ok, but it depends on who is doing registration.

Having it overnighted, thanks for the prompt reply Jeff.

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Interesting odd thing I discovered on this event trip to CP.

I checked into Hotel Breakers under their Coastermania discount rate, and I was automatically registered (which included the drink wristband, food event coupons, etc). I technically didnt need any affiliation to any organization to attend this, as when I checked in they just handed me all the stuff I needed.

I paid the rate that didnt include the tickets (I didnt need it), as there were multiple tiers for this rate, so that wasnt it either. Just found that interesting, as we (Royal We, not CB specific) boast club affiliation needed to attend.

In other news, for an enthusiast event, I was surprised to see that Medium sweatshirts they were giving out disappeared before the XXL's :)

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That might help explain the jump in attendance this year.

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