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Saturday, June 8, 2002 12:49 PM

I’d have to say that of all my trips to Cedar Point over the years, Coastermania this year had to be one of the greatest, most memorable trips ever.

I got picked up around 5:30 am and was off to the point, had to pick up 3 more people on the way. We decided to stop for breakfast at the Krispy Kream in Sandusky, and then continued on. We pulled into the parking lot around 7:00, and then went up to the group sales booth to get our pins and meal tickets.

After standing in line for 20 minutes, we finally went into the park, and decided to hit Mantis first and then make our way back to the front of the park. It was a walk-on for Mantis and it was a pretty good ride. They were stacking the two trains, but it really didn’t matter that much since there was no line anyway.

By now it was about 8:30 so we decided to head over to Raptor and ride that for the rest of the morning ERT. It was great, we got 4 rides in during that hour, not quite walk-ons but we got right into the station. The crew was awesome, they only stacked a train once, and that was because a handicapped person was getting on the ride.

Around 9:25 we headed over to Blue Streak and pretty much got a walk-on on that also. After a lap on Blue Streak we headed over to the Millennium Force. There was a little confusion over there because some people said they were only letting Joe Cool members on, but apparently they weren’t. So we got in line for that. While in line I noticed that the trains were running kind of quietly and didn’t have the same ‘roar’ that they had last year. That kind of made me wonder if the ride was going to be and fast as it was last year. The ride was awesome though, fast, smooth, and plenty of airtime. I guess I was worrying about nothing.

By then it was about 10:30, so we decided to hit the back of the park. Mean Streak was first, not one of the best woodies I’ve ever ridden, but it was a great ride. It didn’t seem to be as bumpy as usual, but maybe that was just me.

We walked past Gemini and saw the line was pretty long; my guess would be about half an hour, so we decided to come back later. We kept walking toward Magnum, but that too had a long line, we figured we’d be able to hit it later on in that night. So we made our way over to challenge park and decided to go on Ripcord. Now, this was the first time I had ever ridden this ride, and I have to say that it’s nothing like any of the coasters there. Sure you get airtime on the coasters, but you don’t actually freefall down for 150 feet. It was awesome, and the prices were awesome too, $24 for triple riders just can’t be beaten.

By that time it was 12:20 and we had already missed the beginning of the Q&A, but we decided to go over there and see if we could still get a seat. Luckily we were able to go in late, and we got seats. The whole thing was pretty interesting; I didn’t get to ask a question, even though I had a few prepared, oh well.

After that we decided to go ride Iron Dragon and Wildcat. We got in line for wildcat, and it turned out to be a pretty long wait. The G-forces on that ride though are incredible, for such a small ride, it really packs a big punch. After that we were all hungry so we decided to go and get our free lunch at the Point Pavilion.

Now, I was expecting the food to be mediocre, but it actually turned out to be pretty good! I got something like 2 hot dogs, potato salad, pasta, ice cream, and a cookie, not to mention free pop. And the food, IMO, was pretty good too. Plus they gave you about $20 worth of carmel corn, candy apples, and saltwater taffy. Thanks CP for the great food.

After lunch we headed over to Disaster Transport. This was the second time I had been on it this season, but I still think that they did a great job of improving it this year. I still am not really sure what the theme of the ride is though, they still have the old ‘welcome to Alaska’ stuff, but waiting in line it seems kind of like a space them, But who cares, it’s a good ride.

After that we went over to get the ride on Iron Dragon we missed before. The line was somewhat long, but it moved quickly. It’s not really a big intense ride or anything; it’s just simply a ‘fun’ ride. After that we got a lap of the Mine Ride and then headed over to Gemini, but to my disappointment, they weren’t racing the trains, they were sending them out in intervals. I got a ride in the blue train, near the back of the train.

Now it was about 4:30 and we were all pretty tired, so we decided to take it easy for a couple of hours and save our energy for the night ERT. Since we were over on the Gemini midway, we decided to take a ride on the Paddlewheel Excursions. It was a good way to relax, even though the jokes were corny and there were a lot of kids on the boat, so they didn’t really get them.

Next we headed to the Red Garter Saloon to check out America Rocks. I thought that it was quite possibly one of the best shows I’ve ever seen at Cedar Point. The music was good, the singing was good, and they did a good job of getting the crowd into it.

Splash 2002 was where we headed next. The show started a few minutes late because they divers weren’t ready yet. You could see the guy standing by the tank motioning to play the music longer. The show was decent, the skit with the guy trying to find the treasure was kind of corny, but the dives they did were pretty cool.

Next we headed into the Coliseum Arcade and played a few games, then got bored and left, and headed over to the Space Needle. It gave us a great view of the park and of Sandusky as the sun was setting. We went over to the Giant Wheel after that. Like always it took forever to get the people on and off the ride, but it is still one of the best ferris wheels around, and it look really nice all lit up.

Now it was about 9:15 and we were getting pretty hungry again, so we stopped into Johnny Rockets. To my surprise, the service was actually very good. We got our food in about 10 minutes and they even stopped for a dance break during that time. The prices were OK. My favorite restaurant at CP is still Midway Market, just because you can get so much food for a good price. But Johnny Rockets is now near the top of my list.

After that we went over to Blue Streak and rode it three times in a row. There was hardly a line at all, but there were tons of bugs, and they kept hitting me in the face. After a few laps on Blue Streak we headed over to Magnum to get in line for the night ERT. We waited about 15 minutes for them to start letting us into the q-line. We got a lap on that and it was great.

I probably should mention that Wicked Twister was closed all day due to reasons that I’m really not sure about. So they substituted Mean Streak in for the night ERT. Now, normally I would be kind of mad if they did something like this, but the incentive was that they were going to turn of all the lights and run it in complete darkness.

So after the lap on Magnum we headed over to Mean Streak. By this time is was about 10:45 at night, and two of the people I was with were really tired, so they laid down on a bench while myself and two of my friends went to ride. The ride was awesome, it was running really fast, and it wasn’t even that bumpy. I think I might have even gotten some airtime on it! After we got off, there was nobody in line, so we asked if we could have re-rides, and they said “We have to stay here, so we’ll let you stay here” I was like, this is awesome! So we went around again. Only this time everyone in the station everyone was chanting, “Turn of the breaks! Turn off the breaks!” unfortunately then didn’t. It would have been sweet though…

After that we headed over to Millennium Force, it was only about 11:00 so the line was way down the frontier trail, and they were just starting to let people into the q-lines. The line was pretty long for an ERT, but it was well worth it. Night rides on MF are awesome, but riding it at 11:45 after its been warming up all day is simply amazing. It was sitting in 2-1 and got a ton of airtime coming over all of the hills.

After we got off, we wanted to go again, but the line was all the way back past the pop machines, and it didn’t really seem worth it. We headed back over to Magnum, and were amazed to find the q-line completely empty! With walk-ons every time. I rode three times in a row all in different seats, and it was great, it was running really fast, and the airtime, especially coming over the third hill, was amazing.

However, the highlight of my day, was on my fourth Magnum ride during the night ERT, I was in the ejector seat and they had the trim breaks turned off! I swear that thing was going so fast it felt like it was going to fly off the track. I had so much airtime it was unbelievable! I got back into the station and then ran around for another ride. I rode in 6-2, which is awesome because you totally get yanked over the first hill. The trim breaks were back on, but it was still a great ride, when I got back into the station, they were letting people take re-rides without having to go around. So I got one last ride, and then while I was sitting waiting to come back into the station they announced that the train before ours would be the last ride of the night, I was kind of disappointed, but was happy that I got as many rides as I did.

So after that we walked back to the front of the park and left. It was probably one of the best, if not the best, trips to Cedar Point I’ve ever had. Everything seemed to be going well, with the exception of WT being down. All in all, it was simply awesome.

Just sit back, and enjoy your record breaking ride on Millennium Force!

Saturday, June 8, 2002 9:20 PM
Great TR! How was Mean Streak?

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Sunday, June 9, 2002 4:07 PM
I'm not the biggest Mean Streak fan, but that night ERT was just off the hook. I think I even got some airtime and laterals on it at night, plus the pitch darkness really added to the effect. It was great.



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