CoasterMania 2011

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Details for Cedar Point's CoasterMania 2011 have been released.

Friday June 3:

Social Hour

Dick Kinzel Keynote

ERT Skyhawk, Magnum, Dragster, Mean Streak

Saturday June 4:

ERT Maverick, Millennium Force, Mantis, Corkscrew


ERT: Raptor, Blue Streak, maXair, Disaster Transport, Wicked Twister

ERT: Windseeker

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Ohio the WindSeeker Capital of the World!

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Dick Kinzel for the KEY NOTE???!?!!! I am for sure going to Holiwood now!

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The decision is pretty easy for me... I live an hour from the park, and I get there about a dozen times a year. I avoid busy days like the plague, so I generally don't have long waits for many of the rides slated for ERT. To take advantage of the TTD/MF/Mav ride times, it would make the most sense to get a hotel near the park... but it also seems silly to pay for a room when I live "so close"... but then where would I nap in the middle of the day? ;)

Whereas Holiday World is guaranteed for me to only be once a year -- if that -- so I figure I might as well make it HWN!

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Yeah that basically just opened the flood gates. Although I'm sort of intrigued about what he'll have to say, if his tenure is indeed finally ending.

That being said.. what caught my eye was that ERT starts even earlier on Saturday. Let's play Over/Under..

Over or under 7 years before Coaster Mania ERT goes all the way through Friday night into Saturday's normal operating hours, and then continues Saturday night.

I call Cedar Point my home park even though I live in the Chicago Suburbs.

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Corkscrew ERT? Seriously?

See ya at Holiwood. :)

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No, I won't ;). But I'll see you next weekend.

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Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened.

I never go to the "key note" speeches anyway, so I could care less who it is. So far it looks like just us, Clint :-)

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Is Lisa & Bass doing CMania or HWN, Lori? I'm excited. I've wanted to get back to CP for a while. Miss my Maverick. And hopefully no Kidney Stone drama this year :-).

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Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened.

Me too! Told the kids today so there is no going back. Corkscrews 35th year Matt, show some respect. ;)

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Then Ron Toomer should be the keynote speaker. He has good stories. :)

Honestly wish I could do both. But even if they weren't the same weekend, CP is just a low priority for me until I accomplish some other travel goals.

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I don't know Clint. Haven't talked to Lisa about it yet. Last year she went to CMania and Bass was supposed to go to HWN. She's usually like me and it's hard for her to pass up CMania, but you never know.

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Well, it looks like HWN and CM will be in conflict for the forseable future. Paula said the plans were to have it the weekend after Memorial Day from now on.

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I miss Coastermania but I will always go to Holiwood Nights. I get up to Cedar Point several times a year so that's not a problem. :)

Both are awesome events. :)


Really, Mean Streak as part of ERT. One of the worst wooden coasters! The only beating worse than that is the beating that Michigan football has taken from OSU for the last seven years! Who the hell would ride Mean Streak? I'm still bummed that the fire did not destroy that ride.

I just wonder how much CP resorts will soak us for?

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Yeah! Can't wait to get a ride on the classic Blue... oh... hmmm.. forget it ;)


Good news is MS should be a walk on for all those crazy people who wants to ride it. Plus, rerides shouldn't be an issue.

Plus, rerides shouldn't be an issue.

Depends on what you mean by 'issue'...

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Hmmmm.. Perhaps I should attend CMania this year again. Especially if Clint and Lori are going. I didn't buy a pass this year, but I guess I still could.

I think that's a fine idea Josh. :)

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Josh! Josh! Josh!

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Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened.

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