CoasterMania 2010 and Holiwood Nights The Same Weekend????

How did this happen? We've never seen Holiwood Nights in June before and now two of the greatest events of the summer are directly up against each other...does anybody else think that this is unfortunate?

Must have been a scheduling thing on HW's part because that third weekend of May has worked for years. And CP has pretty much owned that first weekend in June since switching CoasterMania from a late summer event to an early one...

I suppose a major car trip could be executed wherein you could go from one park to the other (oh, in a matter of about 7 hours???) and hit one on one day and one on the other (this so sounds like something I would do...LOL).

Anyway, anybody else think this is crazy???

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That's being discussed here.

"If passion drives you, let reason hold the reins." --- Benjamin Franklin

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