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Hey guys...

I check out the ACE websites and saw the CoasterMania will be hosted on June 6, 2008. I never been to CoasterMania. I understand that this is Park Sponsored event.

I might attend to this event. Can anyone give me an overview of what you can expect from CoasterMania?

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I don't remember if it was Bryan at the GOCC holiday party or Tony at the ACE party or maybe it was both, but it sounds like there will be the most coasters available for ERT than ever before. Including Gemini. When was the last time anyone can remember Gemini being part of an ERT? I don't remember which were at night or which were in the morning, but IIRC the coasters were: Millennium, Magnum, TTD, Maverick, Raptor, Gemini, and Wicked Twister. I want to say there were 8 coasters, but my memory is lacking this morning.

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The 2004 ACE Coaster Con had Gemini ERT, including some rare brakeless full-train rides that lasted until they realized they were still running in late day light train mode :) Best Gemini rides ever!

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Gemini was a night ERT offering a couple of CManias ago. I think.

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I think it was actually Jr. Gemini he mentioned, so adults could ride it without the child requirement.
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Coastermania is always fun. I usually go every year. Expect crowds during the day, though. The ERT and especially the free lunch is nice too. ;)

It's a VERY long day, though. I usually go back to the motel after lunch.

Riding Dragster at 6 in the morning is DEFINITELY the best. :)


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Oh yeah. He definatly mentioned Jr. Gemini (No Kid Required) Plus I thought maybe he said Gemini too. That would be 8 coasters.

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They've done that with Jr. Gemini before - they give everyone a ticket to ride without a kid. Gemini ERT is a blast - any ERT on a racer is a blast. No doubt it will be at night while Magnum ERT is running. No matter what else they do to the schedule, that has never changed - Magnum in the wee hours. Worth lasting through that long, long day for.
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I've seen those tickets before. They specificaly said it will be part of ERT.

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ERT on Magnum at night is the only reason I visit CP on a Friday in June. After 17 years since my first visit, night rides on Maggie are still one of those special coaster moments for me. That said, I would love to have some Gemini ERT instead of Raptor or Millennium Force, It's a shame they don't make it a two-day event after all this time...with night rides on Maggie both nights of course. ;)

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Maggie at 1 AM with no trims is an experience like no other. Yes even better then sex, there I said it.

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Why are you even thinking about this or even questioning? The event kills... 6am to well after midnight .. Free Food and more coaster nerds than you'll ever see. This is one of the most fun trips I took last year and really want to go back. Just Do It
If I get there this year it'll be no. 3 for me, and I look forward to it every single year. It's a long day, but what a blast! It's especially nice to have the morning and evening ERT's, then in the afternoon being able to take a break over at the hotel for a nap, (man, am I lazy!).

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I have never been to coastermania and alos just got this membership so all I need to show is my membership card an season pass right?
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Cedar Point announces CoasterMania! '08 details *** Edited 1/8/2008 10:10:04 PM UTC by Jason Hammond***

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I just read that on
Hmmm... Since I could get the Jr. Gemini credit, I might have to give serious thought to going.
Well that settles it.

I have figured out where I'm going next season.

See you there, AcVis.

Thanks for another great season, VF!

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I kind of doubt I'll be there this year, WildThing. I might save my visit for a nice 3-day weekend in the fall. Depends on if any of my local friends want to make the trek out there. It will be hard to pass up Maggie ERT. I really got the bug again after last year's rides.

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CoasterMonkey is right. Free food and all the coaster nerds packed into one place is worth the trip. I have fun when I see a couple of coaster nerds at a park but when your at CP with a ton of them it brings a tear of joy to my eye.

Its sad when your best friend asks you the exact running time of a ride. Good thing I didnt know.

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