Coastermania / Holiwood Nights 2011

I went to 'Mania as well. Had an incredible time. My group got lucky with the failure of the Friday Night food service. Once they opened the gates, we only waited about 30min. Other members in my party waited about 75min after the gates opened. I felt terrible for them. I thought since it went to the two day format (2009) they had multiple entries for the appetizers; I did notice half of the courtyard blocked off for what looked like another event. And whoever said Mantis is getting harder to ride, I agree with you. I rode it once on Friday, and my legs weren't the same until Monday.

I thought CoasterMania 2011 was one of the best times I've had at The Point ever! Hope a lot more think the same I do.

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For those of you that didnt attend coastermania or that did but didnt go to the meet and greet here is the video that won 1st place. lol

I didnt mind getting the free shirts but i found it odd they gave out long sleeve shirts when it was so hot out.

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In 2008 and 2010 they gave out hoodies.

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Thanks gamerguy!! I was looking for that video after I returned home. This was better than the 2010 winner, Dark-Ride, and I didn't think it was possible!!!

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Man that sucks I had no idea that MF was open Saturday night, oh well i still enjoyed getting on Raptor 8 times. I was wondering why there was nobody at any of the rides near the entrance. This was the greatest weekend Ive ever had of riding roller coasters, since I went to kings island after CM, then on the way home I hit up Ravine Flyer II. It was great and intend on attending CM annually.

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