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Saturday, June 7, 2008 10:57 PM
I left from metro Detroit about 4am. When I arrived at CP shortly after 6am I was suprised to see a large number of vehicles already in the parking lot. At the same time, this is a a good thing. My understanding is that Coastermania is one of the better attended park sponsored events.

The participants were promptly rewarded for attending the event. Most of the guests received a Coastermania hooded sweatshirt. I realize that is is June and that Friday was over 90 degrees, but it is still nice to get free goodies from the park.

I was able get in many rides during the morning ERT. I made mulitple laps on Raptor, Blue Streak, and MF. Raptor is still one of my favorite rides but the age of the ride is finally starting to show. It is no longer the smoothest ride but it is still a great ride. It is not super rough there is just a constant vibration along the track. I will speculate that the Ohio winters have something to do with that.

I did not ride Maverick during the morning ERT. Instead I rode Maverick during the ERT for CF Platinum Pass Holders. I was able to get three rides in during the morning. Also during the day I got mulitple rides on Magnum, Gemini, Wicked Twister, TTD and Mean Streak.

Throughout the day the park became very crowded. It appeared that it was some sort of school field trip day. This was the most crowded Coastermania that I have attended. I wonder if the later date (most of these events have been on the Friday following Memorial Day) had something to do with it. It was defintely the hottest Coastermania that I have attended.

I went to Soak City for the first time. By 11am it was very hot in the park. Some people have suggested that it was already 90 degrees by 11am. Oddly, Soak City was a ghost town in comparision to the amusement park. I was in SC for approximately 4 hours. I enjoyed my time in the waterpark. I am not a huge waterpark fan. I look forward to returning to Soak City in future. I noticed that the new Skyscraper attraction was up and running. I think that $20 per person is super expensive for this up-charge attraction.

After my time in the water park I went to the pavillion for the catered lunch. I think I was the last person to turn in my meal ticket. When I arrived there were grilled brats, pasta, potato salad, beans, drinks, and various deserts available. The lunch was just as good as in years past.

I took in the new All Wheels Extreme show. The show was decent. I was very distracted by the dancing girls that were a part of the show. They really did not seem to fit the title of the show. But it was an entertaining show. I would watch it again. Wicked Twister and Lake Erie make for a nice backdrop for this show.

I was a little dissapointed that maXair and Wildcat were a no-show today. This is my third consecutive visit (including the final day of 2007) in which maXair was not operating. I did notice that around 4:15pm that Cedar Creek Mine Ride was not operating. It appeared that the train was stuck on the second lift hill and the riders were being assisted off of the train.

I cannot comment on the evening ERT. I headed home around 6pm. I had finally had my fill of the heat and I decided that I needed to leave. In all, I thought the folks at Cedar Point were very generous to the Coastermania particpants. Everyone did a good job at CP today.

Sunday, June 8, 2008 1:15 AM
That's really too bad about's one of my favorite rides in the park. I have had obscenely good luck with it being open. Ever since the end of last year it seems it has really been struggling.
Sunday, June 8, 2008 6:19 AM
You must have caught Maxair at the wrong time, I managed to snag 2 rides on it during CM (although for my second ride it broke down while I was in line, so I went on DT and by the time I was done, it was back open.)

I also throughly enjoyed my day as well, I managed to make it opening until close (18.5 hrs) but did escape to Soak City for three hours where I relaxed and napped. Should have stayed behind for the evening ERT, I got some epic ride time, after a rain delay I snagged 2 rides on Gemini (1 trimless,) then went over to Magnum where I preceded to ride it 15 times in a row without getting off (2 trimless) and capped off the night with a ride on TTD.

Monday, June 9, 2008 7:23 AM

I also throughly enjoyed my day as well, I managed to make it opening until close (18.5 hrs)

You are a brave soul. I have only gone start to finish for one Coastermania. That was also my first one. Since then I have learned to pace myself. Occasionally I will head over to Marblehead and visit the lighthouse. I am a huge fan of Great Lakes lighthouses. Not to mention, there is a kick ass view of CP from Marblehead.


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