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This year is my first year going. I was wondering how many people show up...just a guesstimate.

Its sad when your best friend asks you the exact running time of a ride. Good thing I didnt know.

It'll be my first time as well. My husband and I are really looking forward to it. I'm guessing there will be a pretty nice crowd there because this event is open to ALL coaster clubs, not just CoasterBuzz.

We shall see! =)

I'd rather be riding Roller Coasters....or baking.

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This will also be my first time at CM. I imagine there will be a crowd with the new Maverick.
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Add in the fact that the ACE Coaster Con butts up with this nicely, I would expect a large crowd.

AV Matt
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What's nice about that? Get off my lawn! :)

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Ok, poor choice of words on my part. ;)

AV Matt
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^^Get off my lawn, LOL.

I suspect it's going to be busier this year compared to the last couple years. I'll guesstimate 2,000.

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I am fearing the same. Good thing we'll be there Thursday as well.

AV Matt
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I will also be there both Thursday and Friday. Having never been to the park before, I didn't feel that one day would be enough. I will also be at CoasterCon.
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Wise decision, especially considering CM is on a Friday. You'll probably see a significant crowd increase from Thursday. make sure you ride Disaster Transport and WildCat on Thursday as their lines will probably be pretty bad on Friday.

AV Matt
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If you want to ride Maverick with out the crowd during CM, I would suggest riding it during lunch. I was there last thursday during lunch. Wait was 1.5 hours, and never dropped that low all day. But then again, last thursday there were alot of school groups, and had group lunches.

but, i'm going to miss thursday and friday due to my summer job, but definitely heading up on wednesday.

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^Couldn't we just ride it during morning ERT and save even more time? ;)
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If 2,000 people show up and all want to ride Maverick at the same time, ERT isn't going to make much difference. *** Edited 6/11/2007 6:01:41 AM UTC by Acoustic Viscosity***

AV Matt
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Yeah, ERT with a crowd of a couple of thousand doesn't sound very "E" :)

Good advice Acoustic Viscosity. Since one the the first coasters I ride Thursday will be my 150th (by my way of counting) I am leaning towards making that ride be MF, then spending the rest of the day getting in as many other credits as possible so that on Friday I can focus more on the event itself. I am hoping that it will be considerably less crowded Thursday so that will make it easier to get some of the lower capacity rides out of the way. I'm staying at the Breakers Wednesday night so I will have the early start on Thursday as well.
This will also be my first coastermania, but I've already ridden Maverick. I'll be spending most of ERT on Millenium! I can ride it again after 3 years of waiting!! If you couldn't ride MF in the past, try the test seat this year. It is accurate to the belt length on the train, and there is no 1 inch rule. :)
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That's the main reason I am going up there Thursday as well. I expect VERY high crowds on Friday.


<----who misses the one year when Coastermania was in September. :)

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A lot of CM virgins!!

This will be my...... geez... 9th straight. Wow. Don't miss the Q&A. They are a lot of fun. and the FREE LUNCH!! WooHoo!!

Tina, You staying at Lighthouse Point again this year??

I am on my way to Kings Island today(first trip since CF took the reigns). Will be back tonight.

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^Nope. Days Inn I think. :)


I would expect CM to be a bit more crowded this year than in the past, given that
1. It is later in June, so more schools are out than usual. (Most schools in Ohio and MI are still in session the first week of June, so there are not as many school aged CM participants.)
2. Because the schools are out, the GP attendance will be a bit larger as well.
3. Because of Maverick, the coaster crowd will be larger as well. I seem to remember 2000 - 2500 when Millennium Force was new.


PS: I really miss the September CM as well. That one year was a great way to generally end the coaster riding year.

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