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Monday, July 1, 2002 3:48 PM
I really had no intention on writing this particular trip report, but since this trip made me realize that I pretty much have NOTHING in common with the average so-called "enthusiast", I think it is fitting that I write.

I will only compare rides of similar type (hypers to hypers, shuttles to shuttles, woodies to woodies). For all comparisons, I will use a modified version of the ubiquitous Griswold scale but instead of using the numbers -3 to +5, I will use words instead to give more life to the TRs. The rankings are as follows:
-1 = WOMPS

Where: Dorney Park: Allentown, Pennsylvania
When: June 29, 2002
Why: Coaster Madness
Weather: Very Warm, bordering hot, but not muggy
Weary Willies (crowds): Very Very light.

Okay, this was my first ever trip up to Dorney Park. My "girlfriend" (and I use the term loosely =]) 'T' and I decided to go away for a weekend. She wanted to know what goes on at these "events" so I brought her along. We'd also visit HerseyPark (The Sweetest Place on Earth) but that has nothing to do with this review =].

Anyway, I had made arrangements to meet up with POSSE members CoasterMan Mike and Joe. T asked me how I was supposed to meet up with them. I said we'd find each other and there was no need to worry. Sure enough, as we were in line buying tickets, they walked up right behind us. We got tickets, went in the gates and headed in for the mornings ERT.

Dorney was not an immediate favorite of mine, but it was also far from the worst. Many have said that walking in reminded them of Cedar Point. Here I have to dissent. It didnt seem like Cedar Point at all to me from a midway stand point. Also the joke of the day would be "TRASH CANS". Okay, I realize that Cedar Fair wants to "peer pressure" people into using trash cans, but I think this park is an example of OVERKILL. From just outside the restrooms near the main gate, there were no less than THIRTY-FIVE (35!) trash cans in plain sight. For Pete's sake, there were over 20 of them outside the ticket booth BEFORE you even get in the park. Walking along the midway, you are never more than a body length away from a trash can. Hell, if you ever trip and fall, dont worry, there will be a trash can to cushion your landing! I understand the motivation, but it was visually assaulting as the cans really STUCK OUT (again, I think this was the point, I just didnt like it).

Morning ERT was on Talon and Hercules. Well, you can guess where we headed. Practically every report says that Herc sucks so why waste valuble ERT time on that (especially since I had no idea how crowded the park would get). Needless to say, we queued up for Talon. Now, the first thing I noticed was that Talon was running a single train (what? could this really happen at a Cedar Fair park :rolleyes). No matter, our wait wasnt too long. While in line a woman called out "Hostyl" from the top of the stairs and waved. I waved back, but I really wasnt sure who it was. When she turned her back to me and I saw the "Cowgirl" shirt, I realized that it was Tal-er, Mag-umm RAPTOR-Jo. So many times we'd been in the vicinity of each other but never met in the flesh, throughout the day we'd run into each other and talk and she was so cool (T even made a point to say "she" liked Raptor Jo =]). But you all dont really care about the "heart string" stories, so I'll just get to the rides.

TALON: B&M 4-inversion invert: AWESOME
What can I say, this ride rules! There was absolutely nothing "wrong" with this ride. We ended up with MANY rides on Talon throughout the day (I didnt keep count). Front seat, back seat, random seat, hell, I liked it so much, I even felt good riding in the middle seats of the row (where no self-respecting enthusiast would want to find themself). It had the frantic pacing of B:TR, the great ending helix of Raptor and screw any of you who think this ride is "forceless"! It felt just as intense to me as Fire Dragon. In a hard fought competition of inverts, I think Talon is right there with Alpengeist as my #3 (behind Montu and Lil' Montu aka TG:TJC). The most "standout" portion of the ride is the drop into the on ride photo. So few invert have real "airtime" and that gives a nice good long float down. Also, even if you go as limp as a rag doll, you will never hit your head on the restraints. I dont care what other people say, B&M, I appreciate you all engineering the hell out of your rides. Makes them all that much more enjoyable to ride. I should also note that this was T's favorite ride of the trip (even though she said it made her dizzy). If I had to make *one* disparaging remark, it's that I missed the B&M Roar. Why *did* they make Talon so quiet anyway? Because of the waterpark?

After about two ERT rides, there was a pretty lenghty delay as they added the second train. But I really dont think that anyone left the line to go to Herc (suprise, suprise). We stayed on Talon till ERT almost ran out then decided that we should make our way over to Steel Force. But, before we did that, we decided that we should hit the "other" ERT coaster, if for nothing but the count. They were only running a single train (how *dare* they) so after an "outrageous" 7 minute wait, we found ourselves in a random seat near the front on:

HERCULES: Summers & Dinn woodie: AWESOME
Yes, you read that right, I am giving Herc a good ol' +4 rating. I'll explain in a sec. First off, prior to this trip, T confessed to me that she *hates* wooden coasters. She likes the steel (or metal as she says it) coasters primarily because they "have loops and stuff". It took a moment of coaxing to get her on the ride. Well, based on all the things I had heard about this ride, I was expecting it to be rough as hell and to suck like a Hoover and thought we'd only ride once so she'd better come now. After my experience with Rattler @ SFFT, I was prepared for the worst (note: I didnt find Rattler too rough per se, but the ride was still garbage). I gave her the proper riding instructions: Sit up straight, keep your back OFF the back rest, and hold on TIGHT (though I noticed that she fell from form a couple of times). As we run out to the lift there is a little shimmy and T proclaims "I already hate this ride". I'm thinking in my head, "It's only going to get worse..." Well, we get to the top of the lift, do a little turn and start down the drop. Well I should say "try" to start down the drop, of course the trim brakes are holding us back =]. So we drop, which was fun, and approach the turn where I expect all hell to break loose. Then POW, BANG, BOOM.....nothing. What roughness are you people complaining about? Sorry, I missed it. The rest of the ride was spent with me giggling at T because she was screaming like she thought she was going to die. We got off, and I thought, "That was really decent". T reiterated "I hate that ride!" Joe was kinda indifferent. Mike agreed with T.

I later thought that the only reason I got a decent ride was because I "knew how to ride it". So later in the day, I took rides in the very front and one "reckless abandon" ride in the backseat with hands up and back against the rest. What I was treated to on that ride was not "Hurt-me-Please" but 4 bona-fide moments of ejector air. Personally, any coaster that can do that is worthy of being in my favorites list. IMO, PKD's Hurler on the curves is about ten times worse than Herc. So when you all say Herc is rough, just like a neutered dog, I dont get it.

Well after our Herc ride, the park is now officially open so we take a spin on Dorney's "New for 2002" attraction:

METEOR: Zamperla Hawk48: NOTABLE
I dont have too much to say about this ride other than the "Face/Off" style seats feel WAY too close to each other. Also, I was suprised at how quickly it gets to looping. Having ridden carnie KAMIKAZEE rides which are similar, I was used to more back and forth swinging before looping. It was a decent ride though not something I wait a long time for. I should note here that since there was no line, the op allowed some other rides to stay put for a reride. The four of us, OTOH, were off to other things.

We saw a line gathering for the wild mouse, but the queue had not yet been opened (what? you mean all the rides werent running *AT* the posted opening time?) so we went next door to the swings. They were running a cycle with people on it so we joined the line believing we would be on soon. Well when the cycle ended and the passengers disembarked, the young woman working the ride said that the ride would be closed for a few minutes. I vauguely remember her mentioning some sort of inspection needed to take place (so early after opening?). No matter, the line we were waiting for opened up and we headed over to:

WILD MOUSE: Maurer-Sohne Wild Mouse: AIIGHT
Okay, I just dont like wild mouse coasters PERIOD. They do nothing for me. The only thing of note here is that Dorney would not allow the four of us (me, Mike, Joe and T) to ride in the same car, citing that it would be "too heavy". Now none of us are big in ANY way, but that was how it had to be so we were sent two to a car, one in the front left, the other in the back right (note, we all rode together on Hershey's mouse the next day). CHA-CHING! Let's move on.

So now we were on our way to get to Steel Force. Stuck our head in the "Snoopy" area to see if we could ride the Woodstock Express, but it was closed for an undetermined reason. I also noticed that several attractions, including the giant inflatable Snoopy trampoline-type thingy was down. Oh well, what do I care, they wouldnt let me in anyway. I *did* feel kinda bad though for the employees that were there guarding the queues. They looked SOOO bored.

We passed by Dominator (what a silly name) and T asked me if I would ride something like that. Of course I replied "sure". I mean who wouldnt? She just gave me that "You're crazy" look and shook her head, we moved on.

By now, we all realized that we had been walking a long time and still were not really close to Steel Force. Could they have PUT the rides any further apart? Moreover, they have two trains rides in the park....but neither of them goes anywhere. Dorney could really use some sort of transit system to get from Talon to Steel Force.

Well, we took another side path, veering from our goal of Steel Force, and stumbled upon:

LASER: Schwarzkopf 'Doppel Looping': IMPRESSIVE
Okay, I know that this was originally a portable coaster, but does it have to still look like it? I know some are mad with Six Flags and their so-called "Parking Lot Themeing" but at least those coasters dont look like they are going to run away. I'm also not happy with the station assigning seats, but no matter. We got put in a random row in the middle, up the unnecessisarily-slow-moving-lift and down into the Schwarzkopf symphony of swoops and stunning Gs. We got off and T was very dizzy. She liked the ride, but said her head was spinning. The few minutes of downtime while Mike filmed the ride though was enough to get her head right.

I should note here that Joe was being a "credit whore" and trying to get as many coasters in as possible. We looked in on Lil Laser, but upon reading the rules, he decided that it would be "too far" to try and get that credit. However, there was another kiddie coaster over there that didnt have such restrictions:

DRAGON COASTER: Zamperla 'Dragon Wagon': NOTABLE
Not much to say here except that there was a lateral that was a *little* stronger than I expected and caught me off guard. Hence the NOTABLE rating.

Proceeding forth, we FINALLY get back to the coaster we had started off in search of oh so long before:

STEEL FORCE: Morgan Hypercoaster: IMPRESSIVE
WOW are these train roomy or what? T was a little apprehensive about this one as it looked a little too tall. Again, based on reports from all of y'all (why I *still* listen to you is beyond me), I told her that it would be okay and not too scary (what did y'all say, Morgan makes "Family" hypercoasters?). After a one train wait because they only ran two trains not 3, I get her seated next to me in 2.1 and the first thing she notices is that there is really nothing to hold on to. She is too short to feel comfortable grabbing the "black assist bar" and the lap bar wasnt in a good place either. I suggested that she just put her hands up. She wasnt with that. So I said just cross your arms over the bar. That worked. And none too soon as we are now cresting the lift!

You know, Steel Force probably *is* the improved version of Magnum. But, IMO, Maggie's so-called 'flaws' are what I like most about the ride. Steel Force was cool, very re-rideable and a lot of fun. But there was no big "thrill" in it for me. But I did get off and wanted to ride again.

T was in a whole 'nother camp though. She was not doing well at all. She didnt think the ride was too extreme. She just said that Steel Force made her nauseaous. Mike and Joe went for another ride while I wait with T to see if she was gonna puke. I told them that we were gonna take a walk and we'd meet them back by Steel Force in a bit so that they could power ride. T was all like "I'm sorry I dont want to take from your fun". I'm all like it's not a big deal. After sitting for a moment, we got on

ROAD RALLY: Mfg unknown Gas powered cars: WOMPS
Yeah, I know this type of ride isnt supposed to be thrilling, but there wasnt even anything interesting to look at. The only thing cool about this ride was I found a park map in our car (I was not given one at the front gate). While on the ride, we saw Mike and Joe walking by after "lapping" SF. We joined up with them and hit up the remaining *big* coaster in the park:

THUNDERHAWK: Schmeck figure-eight woodie: IMPRESSIVE
Well I didnt have very high hopes for this ride. Sure, I'd heard some self-proclaimed "airtime whores" say this was a suprise or highlight of the park. But I saw the mostly out and back layout (I got the figure-eight from the web site) and thought "ho hum". Well after the annoying four minute wait that should have been a walk on because they ony ran one train, I let Mike and Joe have the "Schmeck Seat" (TM Adam Sandy) 1.3 and me and T sat in front of them in 1.2. By looks alone, this coaster looks like nothing. T even said "I'm just going to relax on this ride" (gotta love PTC trains =]). Around the curve, up the lift, down the hill and over the "bunny hop that doesnt" and "relax" is all you can do because it's down right boring. Then up the "turnaround" hill and all hell broke loose. The entire front car was nearly jettisoned from the tracks. All six of us (including two strangers in the front seat) saw FEAR for a moment because it was so unexpected. T is freaking out thinking the ride is broken. I'm wondering where the hell that air came from. Mike and Joe are laughing hysterically. In the meanwhile, we dip down another drop with nice lateral movement and up the second turnaround hill where we are again greeted with ejection. Another ejection pop and we're on to the bunnies where we are arrested by a conspicuously placed trim brake (well, this *is* a non-GhostRider Cedar Fair woodie). So we sort of limp back to the station. But the six of us up front were all clapping anyway. We we all so shocked by the coaster that it warranted an immediate re-ride. This time we chose a seat near the back. This was not nearly as good a ride. Now it's funny because earlier on Talon, I was telling T that there can be a great difference between front seat and back seat rides. It's not quite as noticeable on Talon, but Thunderhawk was a classic example. At last, she understood.

Well it was now getting near 12pm and time for our picnic lunch. But before going to eat, we snagged a quick ride on:

DOMINATOR: S&S Space Shot and Turbo Drop: INTRIGUING
Okay, for those that dont know, drop rides still scare me, but I've found the S&S versions to be tame enough to ride with enthusiasm (I ride the Intamins with trepidation). I asked T did she want to try it and she firmly said "No". I didnt even try and prod her. We picked the Space Shot side. While there was decent air at the top, nothing to get all excited about. Better than Power Tower @ CP but not quite as good as Dr. Doom @ IOA.

From here we went over to the picnic. They had burgers, chicken, and hot dogs. The chicken was a little suspect, but the burger was nice. I dont remember a whole lot of vegetarian fare, but since I aint vegan, I didnt really care. During this time, though after I had finished eating, they started having a raffle and triva contest. Just when I was thinking about getting the POSSE to leave because we were all looking bored, they called my ticket number and I won a Talon hat (what can I say, I'm charmed =]).

After eating, we headed back towards the front of the park. We checked in the Snoopy area again, but Woodstock was still not running. We ended up back at Hercules. T was all like "I'm not riding it again" Then I said "but it's the only coaster that did NOT make you sick". After some intense thought, I remember that T said she liked the looping starships but the swinging ships made her sick. I finally deduced that she is "allergic to airtime" (bummer). Anyway, we rode Herc in the front seat and it was better still.

Then of course we had to go over for more rides on Talon since there seemed to be no one in the park. Over there, I finally noticed that there *were* some people in the park...the WATER park that is. I think I saw more flesh than water. Well they can just stay over there.

We took the long walk *back* to Steel Force. We rode again. T got sick again. With her urging, I went ahead and took a re-ride. Joe and Mike wanted to keep re-riding, but I was like me an T were going to do something else. She had mentioned to me before that she wants to one day go white water rafting. Well I figured that a rapids ride would be a cheap substitute. We told Joe and Mike we'd meet up with them @ 7pm by Talon (it was now circa 2:30pm) and went on our own way. Since we were over there, I suggest riding Laser as that was one of the coasters she liked. So we did. Since there was no line, I said let's ride again. She said she was a little dizzy but I was like you'll be fine. Well the truth was, she wasn't. After that second ride, she said, in true RCT fashion "I feel very sick". It took everything I had to keep from laughing. I tried to get her to sit down, but she complained and said that was worse. She wanted to just wander around aimlessly, even though she couldnt really walk straight. Finally, I didnt give her a choice, I took her over to a water fountain and made her drink (dehydration adds to nausea) then I took her to some benches under the shade of the whip and told her to sit still. After several minutes, she was okay.

Feeling a bit better, she was ready to go get wet so we went over to:

Well awesome isnt really the word I want to use. SADISTIC is more like it. As we were putting our stuff in a locker, another cat I know came up and exclaimed that there were no less than ELEVEN waterfalls on this ride. As we get closer and closer to the ride, I dont see ANYONE with a patch of dry on them. Now, the boats on this ride are strange (which is why I think it's a Hopkins not an Intamin). There is no center grab bar. Instead the only grab bar is located behind the rider's calves. This ride NEEDS a grab bar because when you hit the sidewalls, the boat spins VIOLENTLY. I'm talking The Legend-like laterals. It was cool. Needless to say, I got off the ride totally drenched.

Well since we were already thoroughly wet, we decided to go ahead and ride the "big honkin boat" ride:

WHITE WATER LANDING: Hopkins (?) Shoot-the-Chutes: IMPRESSIVE
Honestly, there isnt too much one can do with these rides. It was nice that they put a tunnel around the upper turnaround part. The ride didnt get as wet as some STCs, but still plenty wet enough. We then stood on the bridge for the splash, but it was REALLY whimpy. It basically only amounted to a spray. They could take a lesson from HersheyPark's Tidal Force about getting folks soaked.

With that, we took leave of the park for a while to change clothes and rest a bit (the entire purpose of getting a room right across the street). I wasnt sure how long we were going to stay, but we ended up using just about every minute up until we had to meet Joe and Mike.

We got over to Talon with about five minutes to spare. Not seeing Joe and Mike standing by the entrance, I said to T "come on, let's get a quick ride". She was like "Okay, but I hope your friends wont leave you for being late". I retorted, "Knowing them, they are probably on the ride themselves". Sure enough, just as we get into the station, we see them on the train pulling out. We get another great ride and I realize this coaster is starting to grow on me like B:KF. It just feels "right". We grab another quick ride "ensemble" then head off in search of dinner.

We again exit the park and head up to TGIFridays which is suprisingly uncrowded for a Friday evening. I get a bunch of stares and our waitress even commented about my shirt. I ditched my soaking wet "Only the Gods Can Spare You Now" TITAN shirt for my "Wanna Ride a Woodie?" Texas Cyclone shirt. We ate then attempted to buy alcohol from a liquor store, but eastern Penn has some phucked up rules regarding who sells liquor. Give me good old Illinois where you can get beer in any grocery store (or just give me "The Hood" where there is a liquor store on every corner =]).

Back to the park, and back to Talon for several rides. One of which, while queue for the back row a cat asked "Are you Hostyl" (or maybe he actually said Jeremy) and it was none other than Jon Zerkel of RCTalk. He immediately chastised me saying "I thought you said you were going to wear a TITAN shirt". I tried to explain that the other shirt was wet, but I'm not sure he bought it =].

Then it was on to a final ride on Hercules. Here is where I did the backseat "reckless abandon" ride. Now I'd be lying to you if I said that there was no shaking or shimmying on the lake turn. But, IMHO, it was nothing to get your panties in a twist about. I guess I'm just built tougher than the average enthusiast. I have been on ALL the so called "Rough Rider Woodies": Rattler, Son of Beast, Hercules, Mean Streak, Raging Wolf Bobs, HershyPark Wildcat. I've thought some were fantastic (Sonny) and others were crap (Rattler) but not a one of them was PAINFUL to me. So, I guess I'll just say this now, I will gracefully bow out of any "roughness" discussion from this point forward because I honestly have no clue what the hell you folks are talking about. And I'm sure that you think I'm off my gourd for not agreeing with you. SANDY-NORRIS clause has been invoked. Anyway, here is where I got those numerous moments of ejector air. Pure Bliss for me. Even though T was like "I still hate it" she was more than willing to ride (like I said before, it was the only one that didnt get her sick).

So we are slowly making our way back to the Steel Force / Thunderhawk area for the night's ERT, trying to hit things on the way. We pass by Snoopy and what do you know? That little yellow bird was flying so we hopped on:

WOODSTOCK EXPRESS: Zamperla kiddie: Notable
Hey it's a kiddie ride. Not much more needs to be said, so I wont.

Moving along we flirt with the idea of Dominator down. I suggest that we go over to Laser first (cause T liked it though it made her sick...) so we get a ride on Laser and T is fine. She reckoned that all the cold water from the water rides helped her deal with everything after that.

We go back over to Dominator and the line is already closed. The big clock they have in the middle of the park (nice touch) was reading 10pm so it was justified. Non-plussed, we went over to Thunderhawk and caught a ride in 1.2 and a re-ride in 1.3. Still good ejection. Then it was time for some Force so we just grabbed random seats in the middle. One ride was enough for her. While the water may have helped with the dizziness, her "airtime allergy" was unaffected. She got out but basically demanded that I stay so I took three straight rides (this was an ERT that was actually EXCLUSIVE!) I then got off and suggested that we ride Thunderhawk since she kinda liked that one too.

We get over to Thunderhawk and notice that 1.3 is roped off. I guess there was a little TOO much ejection there. So we parked it in 2.1 for like three rides. Then someone bumped us from that row and the ride op suggested that we just fill an empty row so we maxed out in 2.3 for a ride or two. T said she needed the faclities so I said meet me over by Steel Force as ERT was nearing an end. I got a couple quick random seat rides (I dont think I ever hit 1.3) then capped the night off with a front seat ride on the next to last train of the night.

It was a very fun filled day. Any day that I spend with fun-loving people is a winner in my book. The *only* dissapointment that I can mention is that I never ran into the Wiredogs. My guess is that they had a last minute change of plans. No matter. Our paths will cross again in the future.

Now, if you've really read this far, you have too much time on your hands =]. Step away from the computer, go to the fridge and grab yourself a beer (or milkshake for the < 21 crowd). Go ahead! You deserve it!

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Monday, July 1, 2002 4:13 PM
Finally, the return of the Hostyl TR.


Monday, July 1, 2002 4:19 PM
I was going to say that I disagree with everything you typed...but I've never been there, so instead I'll compliment you on a well-written TR. Sounds like a park I need to visit!

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Monday, July 1, 2002 4:26 PM
One quick comment: Regarding trash cans, sounds a lot like Nagashima Spa Land. It's like they stole every single one out of Tokyo and put them in their park.

BTW, did you write any TRs about the Texas parks? I'm always wondering about them since they don't seem to get much "attention."

Monday, July 1, 2002 4:49 PM
Nice TR. Makes me anticipte my forthcoming visit even more. :)

Formally Known as Ozzyhead.

Monday, July 1, 2002 5:45 PM
Nice tr. I have to agree with you about Hercules. I just lean forward and the ride seems boring at worst.


Monday, July 1, 2002 8:26 PM
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Ahhh, Thunderhawk nabs another fan!

More and more of us every day and strangely enough all the experiences seem to be about the same.

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Tuesday, July 2, 2002 4:02 AM
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It was great finally meeting you Jeremy! Sounds like you had a great time too! :)
Talon rocks but Raptor still rules MY sky! :)
Maybe we'll bang into each other again at that other Cedar Fair park...what's the name of that one park again? Ahh...Cedar Po!nt I do believe!! ;)

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Cowgirls dig cowboys in Wranglers! ;)

Tuesday, July 2, 2002 4:47 AM

The *only* dissapointment that I can mention is that I never ran into the Wiredogs.

Jeremy, we missed you too. :) You were correct, that pesky work got in the way at the last minute. We will definitely meet up again.
Tuesday, July 2, 2002 10:30 AM

Like, when I read how much you liked Hercules I was all like, "Dang....Jeremy must have found whatever that pipe-bomb planting college kid was smoking." Then I was all like hey, he's riding it in June when it's still holding up well instead of the second week in September when I did and it just plain womped. But when I rode it I wasn't like so upset about the violent shimmy after the first drop-- it was the rest of the ride after it. It was all like, uninspired and stupid. It meandered around to set up the 2-3 good visuals you got while you stood in the station.

I guess I'll never understand why people pass up waterparks. I undertand T not going 'cause she'd be all like, "Uh uhhhhh, not my perm. I don't THINK so," but I don't understand why anyone else would pass up a park as large and attractive as WhiteWater Kingdom. And when I said attractive I meant the PARK and nothing else. Really.

So did any of the enthusiasts say you looked like one of the three black people they've seen on television? I had a kid at CoasterMania who was all like, hey you look like Wesley Snipes. I was all like, how many other black folks do you know? God, that's insulting. I spent the rest of the night looking in the mirror for zits and ran to a spa for a facial the minute I got back home.

Good TR, but I'm afraid I must ban you from using the term 'all like' ever again on this forum. Please remove the letters 'L', 'I' and 'K' from your keyboard like right now.


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Tuesday, July 2, 2002 3:47 PM
Is there anyone on CoasterBuzz who "isnt" sarcastic/cynnical? :)

PT300: Yes I did, but they will never see the light of day on Coasterbuzz (just a personal choice).

Playa: I dunno. I've just never been impressed with waterparks. It always seemed to be just too many people too close together to be half naked. I lived a short five minute walk from Lake Michigan. Hitting REAL waves was more impressive to me than a wave pool. BTW: T's hair was already through with the rapids and Shoot the chutes.

And suprisingly enough, no one did make a comment like that. It's weird because even black people often say I look like Tiger Woods (some days even *I* belive it). Truth be told, aside from people I already knew (via boards or real life) I didnt talk to any other so-called enthusiasts. People pretty much stuck to their own circles.
--who cant help using "like". He grew up watching "Square Pegs" on television...

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Tuesday, July 2, 2002 5:05 PM

2Hostyl said:
Is there anyone on CoasterBuzz who "isnt" sarcastic/cynnical?

Oh, come on. You know I'm much more mellow than the URC days. You remember....back when you were a little thumb-sucking 'Hostyl1' eating your widdle veggies and praying every night to be a full-fledged smartass like yours truly, hmmm? Back in the days CoastaFurious would crack open a six-pack of you-know-what on those who had it coming.

Actually, I have an even worse 'identity' story to tell. I was at Lake Compounce, minding my own business, about to board one of the spin-and-spues when the rideop announces over the PA, "Ladies and gentlemen....Eddie Murphy." WTF?!?!?


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Wednesday, July 3, 2002 9:08 AM
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Great TR, Jeremy! Good to see someone else who leaves what other's have said about a park/coaster at home and rides with an open mind.


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Sunday, July 21, 2002 1:17 PM

2Hostyl:HERCULES: Summers & Dinn woodie: AWESOME
I did the backseat "reckless abandon" ride. Now I'd be lying to you if I said that there was no shaking or shimmying on the lake turn. But, IMHO, it was nothing to get your panties in a twist about.Anyway, here is where I got those numerous moments of ejector air. Pure Bliss for me.

I'm telling you man nobody listens to me, its all the old people who complain about rough rides. Glad to see someone else likes Herc, i love it. Hercules is one of those coasters that can get up on the wrong side of the bed, u just gotta catch him on a good day. And yes! i definately agree with you that the backseat is bliss on hercules. I rode it in the front when i was there and it was good, but later that day we rode him in the back and i was totally shokd at the second half of the ride it was great, especially when we went under the station, i was amazed at the airtime.


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