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Posted | Contributed by Lord Gonchar has been updated to include a video of Six Flags Great Adventure's new B&M Flyer, Superman: Ultimate Flight. The video runs about a minute and a half long and shows many shots of the ride in action on its first day open to the public.


I know it's new, but man that train was going reeally slow in the video.

Intamin, the cadillac of roller coasters.


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Two things. It does go pretty slow and it was exceptionally cold that day. Many of the coasters had a few rows blocked and weights in the first three or four cars to ensure the mostly empty trains (the park was dead) completed the course.

If feels a lot faster when riding, but when watching S:UF (both SFOG and SFGAdv) it seems like it's crawling.


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I thought the same thing even about the Vekoma flyers, but the feeling on-board is much different. I don't doubt the B&M's would offer similar sensations.

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Another great video added to your collection. Thanks for Sharing.

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the train look slow, but it feel totally different when you facing straight down at the ground 2 feet away from you after the first drop. its a great illusion, so to speak. i love how the lift hill is basically right above the queue, you can see people freak out on the way up. just an all around great coaster experience
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Here's a fun little fact about that video.

Word on the street is that in the very first shot of the train going up the lift, it's (from left to right) Zamperla's Mark Rosenweig, Robert Coker (Thrillride), the man known around here as "geneticfreak" ( and his wife in the very first car.

Total coincidence that I caught them on the video.


Yep, that's us! :)


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Hey! You're not supposed to tell them that your my "word on the street" ;)


The back seat is awesome. Plenty of GGGG's

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