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Posted | Contributed by Lord Gonchar

After spending the day with members of the CoasterBuzz Club at the BeastBuzz event at Kings Island on August 10th, has add a rundown of the day and almost 100 new high resolution photos of the event and the park.


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Are these SFW?

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Depends on where you work.

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Where's the tighty-whitey pics at? ;~)

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They will remain in my private stash.

Thank god.

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Gotta hold something for future blackmail needs, right?

And on the less blackmail-y side, my wife caught this pic of one of the many times you cracked me up throughout the day (tail and all):

Aw, isn't that nice! We look like besties there, and...
Hey, wait a minute! Wasn't that right around the time I was asking you if I could borrow 85 bucks for FastLane?

No, that's the moment when you were paying him $20 to get your picture taken with him.

Oh that's right. And he refused to take my "RFID wristband".

Last edited by RCMAC,

Oh, I doubt he would have turned it down if he had the proper equipment. Just look at him smiling to the bank with that case full of cash.

I see you opted for the $20 faceless photo. It was $50 with face and without the kid, but I just thought that was too much.

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RCMAC said:

Aw, isn't that nice! We look like besties there...

Wait! We're not?

Camera Bag. Money Bag.

Semantics if you ask me.

Lord Gonchar said:

Wait! We're not?

Oh! Uhhhh... Sure.... I mean... Yes, of course!

Ok, now,... Does this mean we're gonna have to, like, txt and stuff? Cause, well,...I mean... I'm awfully busy...

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Ill still text you, Gonch.

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