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Since I moved the Gallery to this fall, I have added many new pictures from several different amusment parks. There are now collections of original pictures from Six Flags Darien Lake, Six Flags Marine World, Six Flags New England, Six Flags Ohio, Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom, Santa Cruz, Hersheypark, Dorney Park, and more.

Link: Coaster Gallery

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Love the pics! Keep them coming!!

***Why can't all parks have a Millennium Force?***

Great pics! I've been trying all year to prove to a friend that Disaster Transport was a bobsled ride.
Two Words, "Millennium Force"
Coaster Gallery is the best place for pics, hands down.

Randy Hutchinson
You build it, I'll ride it
I love the pics, but your missing Magic Mountain.
I am glad that you have enjoyed my pictures.

I don't have any Magic Mountain pictures on the site, but that will change in the next few months.

I also will add pictures from Kenywood, Paramount's Great America, Kings Dominion, and more. I just need more spare time so I can add them to CoasterGallery! I hope you check back in the future for more pictures.

Joel Rogers
Joel's Roller Coaster Gallery

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