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Sunday, June 5, 2005 10:59 PM
CoasterEXT ‘05
Geauga Lake

Nothing like heading to another coaster event the day after total exhaustion from CM at CP! :) The great thing was that Geauga Lake didn’t plan any AM ERT which allowed many of us (hubby and I included) to get some shut eye before starting all over again!

The 1st thing I noticed is GLs landscaping. Since our last visit it is absolutely breathtaking! Wildwater Kingdom is coming right along, I know the park is excited about it’s upcoming opening.

Hubby and I arrived around 1ish and hooked up with (MF is my baby and just the greatest coaster ever built) Tony, and a fellow Raptor worshiper, Betsy. Later on we hooked up with John.

GL had CoasterEXT t-shirts available for us to buy!! (Hello CP-GL had t-shirts available for us to buy!! hint hint hint!! :))
There was no real wait on any ride at all before or after lunch (I know high point to us, not so sure such a high point to GL)

Lunch buffet in their brand new picnic area was fabulous. The picnic area over looks the lake and it is really nice! The Q&A session with Bill Spehn was very interesting. ACE presented Bill with a plaque for The Big Dippers 80th birthday.

All the coasters were running and the employees were all extremely nice. The park was typical CF spotless. We were even stopped by an ATL to be asked if we were having a good time!!

The 80th birthday party we had for The Big Dipper was fun and the cake was way good!
I loved seeing some former (and current) CP employees, and met many new ACE’ers.

PM ERT: How about ERT on X-Flight, Raging Wolf Bob’s (will someone PLEASE explain to me wth the deal is with that name???) Thunderhawk, Villain, The Big Dipper and my fav Dominator. The Big Dipper is so much fun! I’m not sure which woody there I like better that one or RWB. I also have to compliment the ride op on controls on TBD who did the PM ERT. She was SO sweet and enthusiastic for every train.!! She did a great job despite the fact it was almost midnight and she HAD to be tired!
My hubby and John rode X-Flight tons of times, Tony and I opted not. My 1 ride earlier was plenty for me! It was off to Dominator for us where we stayed and rode 6x before we decided to head home shortly before midnight. (We had managed at least 5 rides during the day too!) I thought Dominator was awesome during the day it totally rocks at night! How I SO wish CP had one of those!!
Leave it up to B&M!! :)

It was really kind of a shame more people did not take advantage of GLs 1st CoasterEXT. There was obvious lots of hard work and devotion put into it and for those who did not attend they missed an AWESOME time!! It was WELL worth the $$ for all they did for us. GL had said they plan on doing it again next season and you can bet my hubby and I WILL be there! :)
And we will be buying our 2nd CoasterEXT shirts! ;)

My thanks to everyone there who helped make this event so much fun! :) My thanks to my bud Tony and Betsy too for such a great time. Your company made this an even better time for us!

Let me once more apologize to my hubby for the illegal U-Turn on the Ohio Turnpike on the way home! Told him we wouldn't get caught...and we didn't! :)

'00 '02 '03 Raptor Crew

Monday, June 6, 2005 12:28 AM
Glad you enjoyed it. How'd you like the ERT Dominator crew? Only 2 of the people on it were actually Dominator crew members (1 crew member as well as the ATL). 2 of us were X-Flight crew members (the TL and myself). Thanks for showing up, by the way. I didn't expect it to be so empty. But if nothing else, you still managed to get alot of rides. Feel free to stop by GL again!
Monday, June 6, 2005 8:43 AM

sirloindude said:
Glad you enjoyed it. How'd you like the ERT Dominator crew? Only 2 of the people on it were actually Dominator crew members (1 crew member as well as the ATL). Feel free to stop by GL again!

Here was a classic moment. During PM ERT on Dominator, our train stopped before the station platform and I saw the ATL by dispatch just standing there talking. I said to my hubby "he needs to push the dispatch button that's why we stopped"
The person on controls said "dispatch" and the ATL turned around and gave her the "clear" sign. Then realized we were just sitting at the end of the station and why and then he pushed the button :)
I thought that was a classic, and of course could only be appreciated by someone who knew EXACTLY what just happened! :)
That crew was awesome, I overheard the ATL tell the crew "no stacking!!" :)

John and my hubby really appreciated the reride on the last ERT X-Flight ride! :)

Thanks again for such a great time and you can bet you will see my hubby and I there alot more this season! :)


Monday, June 6, 2005 1:27 PM
Yea, it was a great time and we cant wait to go back to next years ext. I thought it was really cool that Bill Spehn is going to put the names of all the people that attended the event on a plaque.

Also, nice to see you again joe.

Monday, June 6, 2005 7:32 PM
LuvRaptor - I agree the event went very well. I also was greatful that GL did not do any morning ERT. It allowed me to sleep in a little bit after a long night at Coastermania.

I also thought that the rides ran very well. It took awhile for SV to become reliable and Thunderhawk did not go online constantly until after 4pm.

I really enjoyed RWB, Villain, X-Flight, Dominator, and Big Dipper. BTW...did you notice that Villain's supports are made of steel and only the track is wood?!

I did have two small concerns though...Thunderhawk only running one train, also the ride team was busy with horseplay in the station. The dispatcher was constantly being harassed by another ride pride employee. RWB...please tell me there will be more retracking!!

Nice trip report and I am happy you enjoyed the outing.

Monday, June 6, 2005 8:27 PM
Oh, just so you know, the ATL at dispatch was either the Zone 3 supervisor or me. Was he wearing a tie?
Wednesday, June 8, 2005 4:43 PM
Sirloin dude-no ties...just young people running the ride.
Wednesday, June 8, 2005 8:29 PM
you wanted to know the deal with the name of Raging Wolf Bobs. The story behind it is it's named after a ride in Chicago..which I don't know if it's still running or not...but ne how it is named after the Chicago Riverview Bobs.
Wednesday, June 8, 2005 10:12 PM
I was their too and I thought the ERT crews on Villain and Dominator were awsome. I liked the villain crew the best because they were really enthusiastic and there was tons of time left after the lab bars were checked before the dispatch
Thursday, June 9, 2005 10:06 AM

sirloindude said:
Oh, just so you know, the ATL at dispatch was either the Zone 3 supervisor or me. Was he wearing a tie?

I think he had a tie on...he had on one of the white supervisior shirts. Thought his name tag said his name was Matt but I could be wrong.

E Coster Gurl:
Thank you so much for the answer the that nagging ?? I had about Raging Wolf Bobs! I knew eventually someone would enlighten me! Thank you! :)

It is no surprise that the crew for ERT on Villain was so awesome. Their TL was the MS TL last season and she is awesome and one of my closest CP fellow employee buds! She loves working at GL! Go Gina!! :)
I know she is pissed at me cause we never got to any of Villains ERT. Whoops! Pre-occupied with TBD and Dominator! ;)



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