CoasterDynamix Nanocoaster - Twisted Timbers

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I was at Kings Dominion on Father's Day and decided to pick this up as a gift to myself at the end of the night. One of the gift shops at the front gate was selling CoasterDyamics' Nanocoaster stainless steel models: Intimidator 305 and Twisted Timbers. While I prefer riding I305 by a little, I thought the model of Twisted Timbers was more interesting and a better visual piece.

Easy to assemble; took me about 30 minutes, and I was taking my time. It's got a gloss black acrylic base about a foot long by 2.5" wide, coaster stands about 2" tall. 30 bucks.

I dig it.

Side note: this is my second theme park visit on Father's Day, the first being Hersheypark 3 years ago. Crowds were very light both times.

I'm a huge fan of Metal Earth models - probably 30 or so completed. I've seen these at Carowinds and will probably pick them up.

I assume you have to bend the pieces to make the lateral curves? Does anyone have any photos of the pieces out of the box? Would love to figure out what to expect when I build it.

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I have the ValRaven version. They're pretty neat.

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The track/bents come in sections about 6"-8" long I would estimate. They're flat, and yes, they need to be bent to form the curves. I've built a couple Metal Earth models as well (Millennium Falcon and AT-AT, and currently working on a drumset), and this was the easiest and quickest by far. Any time I've had to form a smooth curve on the other models was difficult to do without creating a crease or fold in the metal, but with this it was much easier because once you carefully bend the metal around enough to fit the next tab into the base, it just curves naturally (although I did use a curved object as a guide).

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Dang, we need to assemble our Beast and Voyage models we picked up last summer.

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I have The Beast, Banshee, and Diamondback models. I haven't made The Beast or Banshee yet. The biggest problem I have is trying to clean the Diamondback one. I would recommend some sort of display case to keep the dust off of them.

Now I have to decide whether I get ones of rides I've ridden years ago, or wait until I re-ride them with my kids.

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Is there any way to tell what other models are available? Kinda silly that the company's website only has a few, plus their Lego-compatible coasters. And what happened to the working models that got CoasterDynamics their start? I can only assume they were too expensive and in such a niche market that few sold.

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They still sell the models, but mostly moved to the CDX Blocks products (Lego compatible).

These models I think are agreements with the parks. Not sure if they can sell them all direct because of the trademarks and such.

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Still waiting on their Dragon Wagon Nanocoaster...

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^^ The only place I have ever seen them is in the gift shops for the respective coasters, and in the Pagoda gift shop.

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The models I was most impressed with were the originals (before the Lego ones) from like a decade ago. Can't find those anymore.

I just viewed the CoasterDynamix Facebook page and it looks like they have a ton of models available at parks, including Steel Curtain already. Pretty cool.

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Steel Curtain sets will be in KW gift shops, and the huge model they did of it is running in the penny arcade now.


Has anyone ever seen the one of The Beast where the guy went crazy with scenery, like model railroaders do? It’s pretty slick. Makes the models look very plain by themselves.

But then again, what do I know?

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That’s cool.

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