Coasterdynamix here.

Monday, July 12, 2004 2:29 PM
My kit from coasterdynamix showed up Friday. I worked on it for about 4 hours Sat. and was able to get it built pretty easy. The directions were easy to follow and I love watching the train fly around the track. It looks so cool. I think I'm going to start a custom layout tonight now that I have a feel for how the model works. I may put pics. on CD website when I have something to show. Great job Coasterdynamix.
Monday, July 12, 2004 4:15 PM
Phil, thanks for the post. Most people will get their kits this week who have paid. I have heard from a few so far and everyone seems excited. We will probably release an expansion kit in a week or two at a special introductory price to get people building their favorite coaster.
Monday, July 12, 2004 4:25 PM
And not to steal Jack's thunder but S&D Greetings is working with CoasterDynamix for a very special promotion, details of which should be announced soon ;)
Monday, July 12, 2004 8:19 PM
Got mine today. The train alone is impressive. Nice piece of work. I'm glad I'll only have to put those track ties on the spine once!

I think the only real replacement part that's critical, and this was true with the K'Nex kits as well, is track rail (and the little joining pieces). I assume that stuff is fairly inexpensive, and seeing as how you need to cut it for different lengths, that'd be the first part I would buy!

Monday, July 12, 2004 8:24 PM
OK...I'm jealous. I wish I wasn't moving, starting a new job, and getting married so I could play with coaster toys! :)
Monday, July 12, 2004 8:44 PM
Yeah, the track ties are fun. That's when you tell the wife and kids you saved the "special" part for them to assemble.

We are talking about selling additional base pieces, supports, joints, and track in the expansion kit. That way you can not only make the track longer, but the layout can be expanded.

Monday, July 12, 2004 9:46 PM
That would be really fun. I can picture a HUGE coasterdynamix kit resembling the old "Space Warp" coaster sets!
Monday, July 12, 2004 10:14 PM
The Raptor model that they had at CoasterCon was extremely nice looking. I'm impressed ans would buy one if I had the room.... Oh well... I bought a new computer for RCT2, I guess I could buy a new home for a coaster model! :)

Tuesday, July 13, 2004 12:31 AM
Got mine today too.... It is great. Thanks guys.
Tuesday, July 13, 2004 7:55 AM
Got mine too but have yet to even open it. Looking forward to playing with it.
Tuesday, July 13, 2004 10:52 AM
Well I feel your pain Peabody The "little Misses" decided to change the original configuration of 2 cars in a weeks time. so the $500 fo my set went with the $5000 from the income tax return and the $1500 for vacation to fix them..... can you say not happy!!!
Tuesday, July 13, 2004 10:59 AM
damn CWCB....take away her keys....$7,000 of car damage in a week???
Tuesday, July 13, 2004 11:37 AM
I'm just plain poor. I guess that goes with my career choice. ;) :-P
Tuesday, July 13, 2004 1:00 PM
Ok Ok, enough. I'll send my order today. Meanwhile I'll ahve to take down my rather large Spacewarp to make room for it.
Tuesday, July 13, 2004 1:23 PM
I still want an educator's discount or something :) Maybe I can convince my museum to buy a few -- how well would these hold up to, uh, "eager hands," anyway?

I think buying one of those kits would take up a full half of my apartment, but that's okay. I'll add it to the list of really expensive things to buy after an XBox and a new digital camera. Maybe it should be before the camera. Hmm.

Tuesday, July 13, 2004 2:07 PM
As soon as I have a spare $500 I'm *so* buying one! I was unable to collect enough of the rail/tie samples at No Coaster Con to make a ;)
Tuesday, July 13, 2004 4:40 PM
I called my wife from Dulles airport in D.C. yesterday and she said it had arrived. I was so excited to fly home and mess around with it last night but of course there were some storms and radar outages so the tower wouldn't release us for take off and I had to stay the night in D.C.

I just got home and am so looking forward to my two year olds bedtime to pull this baby out. I'll let you all know what I think. Thanks so much for the quick delivery.


Monday, July 19, 2004 2:51 PM
We will be posting the details of the expansion kit on our site this week. It is basically 1/3 of a Dragon kit in terms of track length and supports. We will be selling it to current customers for a reduced price. Let us know how things are going all of you who have kits!
Monday, July 19, 2004 3:20 PM
Too expensive. Damn cool, but not at that price. If it was fifty percent cheaper I'd buy one in the morning.
Monday, July 19, 2004 3:29 PM
I take it that you don't want the one you reserved in March?

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