CoasterDynamix Comet

Monday, August 7, 2006 10:37 PM
CoasterDynamix has officially started taking orders for the long awaited Comet. Our site has been re-vamped with new pictures and a nostalgic theme that complements this much anticipated wooden roller coaster model. In addition to the Comet kit, we are offering a flashing neon sign and miniature HO scale people to ride on the trains. Kits will be available to ship later this month.

Tuesday, August 8, 2006 12:32 AM
Awesome! I hope this is just the beginning and a much larger, customizable model is available in the future.
Tuesday, August 8, 2006 12:36 AM
Such a thing already's called a real wooden coaster ;)
Tuesday, August 8, 2006 12:57 AM
Ha! Very funny, Highness. ;)
Tuesday, August 8, 2006 1:26 AM
Looks cool.
Tuesday, August 8, 2006 8:31 AM
Excellent news, Now, maybe the hyperactive teenagers on your forums can calm down. ;)
Tuesday, August 8, 2006 8:58 AM
You think the hyperactive teenagers are going to sit still to put this model together? ;)
Tuesday, August 8, 2006 9:12 AM
Maybe that's why they made it a fairly simple model ;)
Tuesday, August 8, 2006 9:43 PM
Oooh! Even runs scale model Century Flyer trains!

Hey, wait a minute...Century Flyer trains, it's called the Comet...

It's not based on the Lincoln Park ride, is it?!

--Dave Althoff, Jr.

Wednesday, August 9, 2006 12:18 AM
It requires glue? Oh no! What kind of model requires glue? ;)

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